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which Resolution is good for pop up banner 85 X 210 cm

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  • which Resolution is good for pop up banner 85 X 210 cm

    which Resolution is good for pop up banner (85 X 210 cm) or roll up banner

    in Photoshop how we can fix resolution for big printing objects like banner, bill boards and posters.

    there is any way to calculate the resolution of big objects.

    plase help me

    where can i find

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    I would try and build it in Illustrator. But this is definately a question for your vendor to answer. I have done them half scale at 300 dpi, and I have built them full scale at 100 dpi.

    Depends on the printers capabilties...
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      Ask the printer. 33" x 82" could be done as high as 200 or as low as 100.
      As for billboards and large banners, anything goes from 16 to 150 depending on size and viewing distance.

      In photoshop use Image size. Be sure Resample is UNCHECKED when enlarging.

      But call the print vendor. No sense in waiting for redraws at 200dpi when he only needs 100.


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        We print those all the time, specs we use are 100dpi final size.


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          there's a guy on here that does it at 30,000 dpi.
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            hopefully this will help you understand better....

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              30,000 dpi? are you kidding? his file sizes have to be gigs each... that's just unnecessary


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                Originally posted by icekitty37
                30,000 dpi? are you kidding? his file sizes have to be gigs each... that's just unnecessary
                milligigs probably (thats big)


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                  milli = 1/1000 = tiny.

                  kilo = 1000 = big

                  mega = 1000000 = very big


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                    He's joking folks.
                    Unless you are talking about drum scanning a 35mm slide at 30,000dpi - that's under 4 gigs and will go to 150" @ 300dpi (too high).
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                      Hey guys, I found this thread when searching.

                      I would first recommend designing the roller banner in illustrator and secondly create it at minimum 150dpi at 50% size.
                      Saving to PDF compliance PDF/X-1a

                      Using these settings always work well when printing roller banners. I design around 20 a day.

                      Any questions please let me know.


                      • PrintDriver
                        PrintDriver commented
                        Editing a comment
                        don't design something in scale that will fit on the program's artboard.
                        You are printing at 75ppi. Since these rollup things are generally used to present text info, that is low for something that is potentially viewed at arm's distance. For these things I really recommend 100-150... but it's all image dependent, and what your objective is.

                        While you can use Illustrator, most often people doing rollups aren't doing just one. If there are multiples and they are all the same size, much faster to do in InDesign - and much faster for pre-press to check (and correct) then output into the workflow with the correct machine profile all at once rather than drudging through individual files.)

                        Always best to check with your specific print vendor regarding handoff format. No one I work with in wide format (including me) wants PDF files. Not one.
                        The online places, maybe.
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