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  • Color Calibrated Workflow!

    So we've been having some major color issues. (and apparently everyone else is after reading all of these color issue posts lately)
    ...Screen to print doesn't match. Hard Proofs come back unintended colors. Clients dissatisfied with final color... Finally all that has been put to bed.

    we just picked up a Color Calibration Hardware/Software Bundle.
    If you guys were ever wondering how to get your camera, screen, scanner and printers all calibrated and profiled, this type of bundle will do it for you. the one we got also calculates the ambient lighting in the room and adjusts your monitor to correct color under your usual lighting conditions.

    I would highly suggest this worthy investment to anyone that wants better control over your colors, saves a lot of headaches!
    We got the Xrite Photo SG Bundle, but i'm sure there are other brands out there...

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    man, that's amazing but good god it's expensive. of course, for what you're getting...
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