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  • photoshop work pay rate

    i posted this on another thread here but i wanted to see if i could get more responce here

    i just got a new job, not as a graphic designer but in a commercial photography studio doing photoshop work. its not a full time job, more like a contrator job for now retouching commercial photos. they said they were 'very impressed and were hard to impress'. so they asked how much i want to get paid per hour and i have no idea! has anyone else had a job like this or have any idea how much i should get per hour? basically what i would be doing is working on the photos they take (commercial products) doing stuff like color correction, removing dust and specks, just general making the photo look nice. they said if i got into really heavy manips then we might do another how much should i ask for?

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    my first job working for a photographer commercially paid $7 an hour, I was real pist, because I was fast, had an eye for the job and could get it done.
    Personally: When I did a photo shoot I paid my assisant $20 an hour, they helped make it go smooth.
    I found that the photographer who earned $100K a year was using microsoft picture it to edit their photos...But they had a $5000 camera and a big mouth.
    I found it better to be on my own.
    So don't expect much for starting out, but the experience may be more than $$$...

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      I was asked the same question about a year ago when I got hired as a photographer assistant to the photo shoots, plus I do all his graphic work/touch ups, as well as his marketing. We settled on $25 per hour. Without the marketing (which takes up an insane amount of time) I would have started at around $15 to $18 per hour. I hope this helps.

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        thanks! what part of the country were you i?. im in colorado so wages are pretty high here to start with.


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          I'm in Utah, where most of the wages suck unless you have a degree of some sorts. I just got lucky I guess, cuz I'm not finished yet with my schooling.

          Kill a man, you're an assassin.
          Kill an army, you're a conqueror.
          Kill em all, you're a god.






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