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  • Snowflake Tutorial

    This is something I needed for work one day, and simplified the process of making pretty snowflakes.

    This is from Photoshop, but you can use the same techniques in just about any program. (Illustrator, Corel, Paint Shop, Gimp, etc)

    First we need a work space with a center guideline.

    Then we need to draw a shape. Select the Pen tool, and draw a unique shape, making sure that the top and bottom cross the guideline. (or at least some part of the design crosses the guideline slightly) Nearly any rough, or not so rough shape will work.

    Then go to the Paths tab and select "Fill Path" with the foreground color.

    Then delete the work path.

    on the Layers palette, duplicate the layer and reflect it. Then line it up to meet the first object.

    Then merge those two, and duplicate that layer. Invert the layer and move down. It still may not look like much, but we'll get there.

    Again, merge layers, and duplicate layer. This time rotate that layer by 60 degrees.

    You don't need to merge, but you do need to duplicate the layer. Again rotate by 60 degrees. Merge all, and you have a snowflake!

    Happy Holidays!!!


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    Neat thanks for the post.


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      Mo did a nifty little tutorial on snowflakes a while back too.
      at best my spelling *and grammar* is crap and at worst it are be carp


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        Yeah... I posted in that, and so did you, Jade. But I'm sure neither of us could remember, as it was two years back.

        I can't believe you found that link, Frankster!
        Ned Yeung, A.C.E.


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          I needed something that I could cut out on a plotter. Mo's tutorial would be nuts for our poor ol machine. hehe



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            I don't want to think about snowflakes yet

            Nice tut though Jade
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              Originally posted by Drazan View Post
              I needed something that I could cut out on a plotter. Mo's tutorial would be nuts for our poor ol machine. hehe

              All you gotta do is Expand Appearance after you're done.
              Ned Yeung, A.C.E.


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                I just remembered Mo doing it and searched the word snowflake.
                at best my spelling *and grammar* is crap and at worst it are be carp


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                  You make it sound so simple, Frankster!

                  Mo's technique I like a lot better for just making random flakes. However, the method Jade posted here gives you more control on the actual dynamics of the snowflake shape.
                  Ned Yeung, A.C.E.


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                    thanks jade!...this has been great fun!
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