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A Big Thanks To All The Cool People

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  • A Big Thanks To All The Cool People

    Hey guys and girls,

    Yeah its me the guy that sometimes forgets to put his periods in his sentence :P "pointyhat ur still cool". This is an update of my life after coming on this forum.

    Since i join this froum i've been on here reading and reading alot since I cant afford school right now, hopefully soon tho, however this forum is like my school right now. This is where i try to come if not everyday alot to come learn. So i would like to just say a BIG THANKS!!!! to all the pple that came in and help me gave me some assistance when i need it, welcomed me with open arms and all the other good stuff.

    Ive taken all your answers/inputs and ive been applying everything i learn here to my work, and I feel i have most definatley moved up a level. I feel so excited when talking to someone and i dont sound as noob as i use to. Ive been enjoying learning the terms that i use to call "thingy" back in the days lol "typography, whitespace, weight etc." some i heard them before but never knew what they meant so got to thank all you guys for that. For the pple ive help sometimes i was afraid to ansswer cause i didnt know the right term but know i can atleast say iam alittle bit more confident.

    So yeah I will be trying to show more of my work and stop hiding it lol i tend be alittle bit kinda shy on showing it, but i if i wana get better i have to over come that. Iam still trying to understand typography but ive been doing better. Learn a couple tips on white space still needs more info on that tho. I have a couple more topics i will be starting that i need help with but I will deal with those after i master my weakness. so with all that said tho I must do a little shout out to some cool pple if u dont see ur name i just forgot to put it or i dont know u lol but ur still cool

    tz, ajint, tea, printdriver, cnic, red kittie,buda, wannabrie, morea, pointy hat "my english mentor" lol, seamas and the many others out there....

    Your helping me get my education lol Thanks a mil..........

    Iam going back to belize ending of this month for a visit and i cant wait to show off some of my skills

    Anyways dont wana bored you guys too much so with all this said I love you all

    if you ever wana talk if you ever passing tru New York and your legal dont be afraid to give me a buzz I owe u a drink if u dont drink I owe you a bottle of hit me up on msn or

    "The Chosen One"

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    Most welcome. Just remember that along with working on your designs to spruce up your English as well...
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      That was nice Belize

      have a great trip!!
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        I got a mention! Thanks belize.

        Glad to help.
        "It's never too late to be who you might have been." - George Eliot


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          "Kindness trumps greed: it asks for sharing. Kindness trumps fear: it calls forth gratefulness and love. Kindness trumps even stupidity, for with sharing and love, one learns." -- Marc Estrin


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            No probs, Belize, glad to be of help have a safe and fun trip.
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              Take lots of pictures! And enjoy your trip.
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