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    I've a quick question. I know how to embed images into my posts, but how can I have a high res version of my artwork, but in a small size to be allowed to be seen in the post?. If I resize the image, it always seems too pixelated, and even taking screen shots of the work, saving as a jpeg and uploading it has the same effect.

    What procedure do you take to display them?..thanks

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    You want BBCode for forums like this. Google has several good pages for the code.


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      Thanks pointy...

      Do you have any advice over saving files?....sizes?..methods?..


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        what are you trying to post? If you're working in Illy or PS just choose "file > save for web" and specify the finished size for the image.

        There are some sticky threads that explain how to link the image into the post in the forum rules and guidelines section, which you will want to familiarize yourself with.

        Hope that helps some.
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          Well of course you have to do it all correctly. That goes for everything.
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          We approve pending posts as quickly as we can. Please don't post multiples. Thanks!...
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          Thanks for your reply. Have to say that I´ve never had a problem with psd/jpg-approval of the design. :-)

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