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  • Vintage illustrations

    I'm looking for some of those old-skool vintage illustrations that you used to see back in the day for a project I am working on. Anything of the romantic nature is preferred.

    Thankfully I have attached an image of something similar to the look I am seeking because my descriptive nature has failed me today, lol.

    And if anyone knows the exact term, other than "vintage" so I can search for it online, that would be great.

    Thanks in advance...
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    I'm the girl who doesn't know anything, lol...

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    Have you checked out any of the Dover 'clip art' publications? I gotta say though, I don't remember any quite this date-ish.

    ^that image would be vintage (looks like the illustration work from the old Reader books from my grade school days) – with the exception of the silly flourish.

    There may be some online resources I could dig up but you would probably have to pay $.


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      Aren't all the Dover collections black and white? I could be wrong...
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        yea, I'd definitely call it vintage. And if you do a quick search for the Dick and Jane and/or See Spot Run books, you'll see that the artwork (same style) is also referred to as vintage.
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          As much as it probably shouldn't be labelled this way, I suspect you'll find appropriate images searching with "retro" as well as "vintage".
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            Veer has a decent amount of vintage style images.
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              It looks like something Dover might carry. Dover's been moving into color lately. You can go to their website and sign up for free samples.



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                A quick search for 'Vintage Illustration' at istockphoto returns over 27,000 images.

                I waded through the first 10 pages but didn't find anything like your example, but it may be worth trying with a few more keywords to narrow down the results?


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                  it reminds me of those paper cut out things you get - like stickers but not sticky, I don't have a clue what they're called so probably not much help!






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