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    Looks nice, but it's hard to read. How big of a problem the legibility issue might be might depend on the rest of the booklet.
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    I did briefly look at them, which is why I said what I did. It really does depend on what you want from life.

    Both seem like good schools, but they're very different in both size, focus,...
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    Thanks for all the great input. How do you determine Lab values? I did call my printing companies, neither has mentioned providing lab values yet. Both have confirmed capability to print in Pantone....
    Today, 07:22 PM
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  • Ice cream container template?

    Hi, I'm designing a label for a 1 pint ice cream container (like a small Ben & Jerry's canister) but can't find a template for the label anywhere. They're tricky templates, because they have a subtle curve to them to fit the tapered sides... anyone know where I can find something like this?

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    Ask the printer.
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      7 steps to heaven

      Step 1
      Go to the shops buy some Ben and Jerry's

      Step 2
      Eat the whole tub of ice cream yourself and then basque in your own glory

      Step 3
      Wait for ice cream to settle (could be a few hours best to rest).

      Step 4
      Wash the tub, dry the tub

      Step 5
      Remove label

      Step 6
      Scan label

      Step 7
      Use scanned label as template

      I suppose you'd have to contact Ben & Jerry marketting to get the template, I doubt it would be available for anyone to download and use for whatever they want.

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        I like that way of getting the "template"

        But I agree with Ckret on this.
        Or better yet it may be simply designing straight and then add the curve at the end. I know similar issues are had with paper cups and can ask a co-worker who deigned cups (gotta wait a while as she's in a meeting).
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