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  • Advice on a new 'branding' job I've aquired

    Some help/advice/tips needed before I embark on possibly my biggest job yet would be very much appreciated.

    One of my clients (who is an excellent interior design specialist) has asked me to do the new logo and entire branding for a plush Japanese restaurant (there are two at the moment but they will be opening another in the near future).

    I'm more than confident I can creating a good logo and have done for three other bars/restaurant in the past but I could really do with some advice on how to sell the who 'branding' element of the job. Other than the logo, shop front sign-age, menus etc what else shall I push for and how to 'sell it'. much shall I charge? The other restaurants I've created logos for have been relatively small but this is a different matter all together.

    I'm visiting the restaurant in Soho on Thursday to meet the owners and get a feel of the ambience.

    This will be my highest profile job since starting out on my own and I really want to get it perfect.


    Excited Steve!


  • #2
    Congradulations Steve.

    I would price diffrent menus. There are so many ways you can create a menu that you should price a few for him. Along with signs and Art work. You really have to break every job down into Art Charges, Printing Charges, Misc Fees. Give him at least three diffrent options for each item and tie them into packages. Like for instance a Vinal sign would go with a two color menu. A Sign printed would be great with a Full color menu.

    You really have to take about a few hours to create a pricing stucture but you'll feel alot more confident once your done.

    Good Luck and let us know what you come up with.

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    • #3
      menus, take out menus, coasters, napkins, placemats (if they use em), matchbooks, glassware, lampshades, window dressings, carpet, window glass signage or decoration, Bar-back signage or decoration. Anything you can print on, paint on or stick vinyl to basically...And there are some really neat vinyls produced especially for the Japanese market that are very sweet. We use the Fasara series on occasion.

      Japanese restaurants, at least the ones in Boston are very plain inside though. Lots of the traditional plain rice paper screens, etc. Not at all like the Chinese restaurants here which are usually pretty gawdy. Decor is one thing but you may have a bit of trouble selling consumeables, especially if there is a 'source' they are already using, if you get my drift.

      Good Luck! and congratulations.

      Specialization is for insects...



      • #4
        Soho England?
        They don't allow outdoor vinyl signage do they? At least they didn't in several of the smaller towns I visited a few years back... If it's posh, think hi-tech and go all out. LED channel lettering or neon, cut metal and/or acrylic, 3D lettering or elements. Check out SignDesign magazine for ideas.

        Specialization is for insects...



        • #5
          Don't forget the Table Tents...



          • #6
            PrintDriver: LED channel lettering??? What's that?

            Silence04: Table Tents?? What are they.

            Thanks people. My initial thoughts are to go for something very, very clean smart and trendy that will not age so quick. They already use three interlinked circles in the decor inside and want to incorporate that into the logo. It's the branding I really want to impress them with but in an unusual and unique way. Some good suggestions above!

            How much would you guys charge?





            • #7
              table tents are those 'standing' advertisments that you would normaly find on table tops in most resurants. they are usually cardboard paper folded into a triangle, and they will usually show a special entrie.




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