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Colour in graphic design systems

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  • Colour in graphic design systems

    Does anyone know some examples of where colour is used as a primary componant in a graphic design system?

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    a pantone booK?

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      The White Stripes — red, white and black

      First that came to mind.

      McDonald's also strongly uses their red and yellow as being pretty dominant. I suppose it depends on "how dominant" you're looking for.
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        Smells like homework. Entering "Colour in graphic design systems" and/or "colour is used as a primary componant" into Google and this thread pops up as the first result. Makes it easy for the instructor.

        Hint: Look at wayfinding.
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          Pantone is the way to go.
          That or use this as a quick cheat sheet: (take in mind these are RGB colors)






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