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    Any advice on creating tiny icons so they look crisp at small sizes? (16x16px) I have very simple vector graphics but when I reduce them they don't display well. Any tricks for saving? Also when I reduce them below a certain size in illustrator the component of the group shift slightly and it won't allow me to put it back. For example a white square with a black square centered on top - after reducing the black square is slightly off center. It moves almost like I have snap to grid, point or whatever but none of those options are on. Is this a limitation to working at very small sizes? Should I be creating them in photoshop? Advice appreciated
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    Originally posted by eriual View Post
    Any advice on creating tiny icons so they look crisp at small sizes? (16x16)
    16x16 what? Pixels? Millimeters? Points?

    If you're referring to pixels, my best suggestion is to draw them one pixel at a time in Photoshop with the pencil tool.


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      ^^ ONE PIXEL AT A TIME!!! how boring (joking)
      used to happen to me, commonly i would remove strokes and would work well and for some certain times i would acutally draw into 16x16, and then blow it up big.( work reverse).






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