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  • Applying on the Sly

    Hey everyone...

    Quick question for you on-the-move ppl..

    How do you go about applying for other jobs when you're currently employed..

    yaknow... submitting resumes with your current employer's name and number, etc.
    to potential employers without getting your ass fired when/if they call for references??
    I'm a bit perplexed. Any help, appreciated.


    btw... don't ...yaknow... tell my boss I'm askin :P

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    On my resume I listed my current employer as Confidential, supplying no contact information. In fact, I don't recall ever listing any employers contact information on my resumes or applications unless specifically asked. No company should be calling around on you prior to your first interview or contact.

    I usually go for the default 'References available upon request.' Most of the time, you can tell a potential employer the situation and they will respect it.

    Post Edited (lfredericks) : 4/23/2004 4:42:53 PM GMT


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      exactly what lfredericks said...
      once i had an interview for a job in the same building and my current job's 'other' location (talk about risky), but i explained to them the situation and they even setup my interview for a weekend...







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