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Need your thoughts on a touch screen Photoshop tool!

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  • Need your thoughts on a touch screen Photoshop tool!

    Hi Everyone,

    I'd like to extend an invitation to give your input on the upcoming EXOPC Photoshop Controller.
    It is a touch screen based controller for Photoshop, and uses the touch screen desk technology, EXOdesk.
    The tools are still in development, and we're looking for the Photoshop community to provide feedback and ideas on the design and features.

    If you'd be so kind and let us know what you think about the idea.

    EXOPC Community Manager

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    I removed your links, no reason people can't discuss this here in the forum.

    I have to be honest other than the "oh cool" factor I don't see much use for it.


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      Have to agree with Kool, it looks like a lot of money to sink into a device for one program (who's developers are in the midst quarking it up). What's the forecasted MSRP of one of these gadgets?

      Also I think I'd rather have my desk be a huge tablet/display for the image I'm working on than be used for swatch colour selection/ toolbar type things.

      Also, despite what apple wants us to think, numpads are pancaking useful.
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      Design is not decoration.


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        The goal was to get feedback to help bring the tool from an "oh cool" factor to a "very useful" factor.


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          Originally posted by kemingMatters View Post
          Have to agree with Kool, it looks like a lot of money to sink into a device for one program (who's developers are in the midst quarking it up). What's the forecasted MSRP of one of these gadgets?
          The device itself (and the software) do much more than just act as a Photoshop tool. This is just one of the "apps" being developed.

          MSRP is estimated to be in the $1300 to $1500 range.


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            I'm interested to see how realistic that figure is... These are in that ball park and are a fraction of the size and pretty much the same technology...

            Turn one of these into a tilt-able desk, that would be useful and awesome
            Design is not decoration.


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              I'm not sure that meaningful feedback is possible without actually sitting down and using both the desk and the software. I don't remember anyone clamoring for tablet computers before they actually became available, yet everyone who uses one instantly needs one.

              Whether or not large tablet-like interfaces embedded into actual desktops are viable products, I don't know. They look interesting, but without having used one, I can't say. I can say, however, that convincing designers that this is a must-have device will depend on how well it integrates with and improves upon the Photoshop user experience and, for that matter, the entire Adobe CS suite.

              Like I said, it sounds interesting, but the proof is in the pudding, and all we've got here is a 3D illustration of that pudding. How it actually tastes is what's important, and at this point, I have no way of knowing.


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                Like others, I'd have to try one before I could tell you what I think of it. And, is it only going to work on Photoshop? If so, I'd never spend my money on one. Now if it worked on Illustrator and other programs as well, then maybe. But, again, until I see one in person and sit down and try it, I can't say much more than that.


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                  Brought to you by the people who think Photoshop is a layout tool...

                  Photoshop is actually the least used tool I use. Indesign and Illustrator are what designers use for layout, not photoslop. Photoshop is an image editor and artwork creator. It is NOT a layout tool.


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                    I can definitely say that I wouldn't want to be limited to just a virtual keyboard — especially in an imagined InDesign version of the software where lots of typing is necessary. The option of using an actual mouse and, ideally, being able to connect to an actual drawing tablet would also be important.

                    For that matter, speaking of drawing tablets, using a stylus or even fingertips on the desk surface in a way that took advantage of the pressure-sensitive capabilities of some of the CS app tools could be fantastic.


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                      I can just imagine me working on one of those and one of our cats jumping up on the desk...


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                        Where do I put my cup of coffee?
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                          Originally posted by Virgo Nightingale View Post
                          Where do I put my cup of coffee?
                          I was thinking the same thing about my elbows (and sometimes my feet).


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                            I don't use Photoshop nearly as much as Indesign. Are there any people that only use Photoshop? Would you need to upgrade this set up with every new version of Photoshop?
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                              Some of these concerns may sound like jokes, but I agree.

                              My main concern (besides my cat jumping on the table) would be my familiarity with a physical keyboard and shortcuts. I like to feel the keys, I can't imagine not having to look at the keyboard every few seconds to make sure i'm hitting the right keys. On an actual keyboard, I hardly ever look down.

                              And I like to rest my palms on the desk without hitting a bunch of keys.
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