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  • Photoshop effect

    Hi everyone

    I came across a photoshop effect on the internet and I have no idea how they created it. Don't know if it has a certain name so googling it wasn't really succesfull either. Hope you guys can help me out! This is the effect:

    Big thanks!

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    There are two major effects going on, emboss/deboss and a textured background.
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      They look like printed pieces... do you have a link to these?

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        Originally posted by garricks View Post
        There are two major effects going on, emboss/deboss and a textured background.
        Just to expand on what gar said...

        The texture in the first one is "Canvas" with emboss, the second one looks like it's just set to multiply with pillow emboss/deboss.
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          Thanks for the welcome and the info about the rules guys. You think emboss/deboss is everything it is? I'm gonna give it a try as soon as I get home.

          @eugenetyson, they look like printed pieces, but I'm sure they're not. That's why I like them so much. I will not put a link to the images on the board out of respect for the owner of the website.

          Big thanks!


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            There's also planar distortion, lens blur with some lighting tweaks. Nicely done, I might add.


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              I've been trying to get the same effect, but getting the texture on the logo itself is really hard. Cutting the texture of the background in the same shape and putting it on top of the logo in overlay or something, just makes it cheesy
              and fake. Anybody suggestions?


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                You could convert your logo to B&W and use it as a distort filter on the texture layer. Then set the logo (as pure color, no texture) to overlay on top of that.

                In this specific case, they used two linen textures, the logo has a different one, with layer effects Bevel & Emboss and a subtle drop shadow.


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                  You don't have to cut the texture out. If your logo is already cut out, you can place the texture layer directly above it and option click on the line between layers to create a layer mask that is always determined by the layer below it (or alt click I assume on the PC).
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                    The way I see it:

                    → Flat logo on white background (2 layers)

                    → Using the transform controls, right-click and choose "perspective" to transform. Skew accordingly.

                    → Add Emboss + canvas texture to logo

                    → Use either a built-in texture or a texture photo for the background

                    → Create vignette blur (on your own or otherwise) over the whole image

                    Most of what gives it that nice shine is the attention to detail, light source, perspective, and textures. It's wonderfully done.
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                      Ok, are you sure that this is a photoshop effect? because it looks like a picture.

                      Assuming this is photoshop work their's more that meets the eye to reach that quality of work.
                      >soft brushing
                      >for the logo is concerned you MIGHT have to remake draw it in that direction it's really hard to get that level of quality with the transform tool in PS, they probably did it in illy.
                      >then obviously blurring probably used the blur brush
                      >levels to bring out the the blacks and highlights

                      I feel like this is a photo that's simply been edited but it's not impossible to do that it's just many different techniques that are used to create it because of the orientation of text and logo.

                      If you want me to give it a go i could try and show you how if you want. just let me know.


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                        Originally posted by ankz View Post
                        Ok, are you sure that this is a photoshop effect? because it looks like a picture.
                        I'm positive that, at the very least, the "embroidered" style is a texture in Photoshop (maybe Illy, but I don't know if Illy has layer texture overlays).

                        How can I tell? The way the 'grain' of the embroidery doesn't follow the shape of the logo. If it were actual embroidery the grain would be horizontal to the logo. Also, there are only a few variations in the shades of the 'embroidery,' (light, medium, dark) whereas in a normal embroidery photo, there would quite a few shade variations. Also in such a closeup high-def photo, we should see small fibers sticking out, which there are none. The whole image is just too perfect to be real.
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                        I can go twice as high.
                        Take a look,
                        It's in a book,
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                          I don't buy it...there are a lot of very small inconsistencies for those to be shopped. the printed looking one has a bunch of random little flecks of black throughout the entire thing. Different sizes, shapes, etc. for it to be a computer generated texture. It's a photo of something that has been printed/embossed. It's not a render.

                          As for the embroidered one...the 'grain' (as marcella) called it is following the the texture of the background. meets up where where the spaces between the fibers would be (Audi is an avid stitcher, and I see all of her projects, so I'm fairly well versed in what to look for in terms of fabric and threads). Also, the threads have random little pulls, pills and other such things that you typically find in threads. Again, I'd bet that it's something that was actually embroidered, then photographed.
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                            I would bet 100% they are not real. All the little details you expect to see are there, because they're hi-res textures being used. I'm certain it's not actual embroidery because the letters are PERFECTLY smooth. You should start to see the outline of threads on the edge of each letter, but it's not the case.


                            EDIT: I found this website showing it's part of somebody's portfolio. I don't think the graphic designer did 7 color embroidery work for an identity proposal. There are hi-res versions there showing my above point more clearly. Also the lens blur effect on the letters and background diverge, it looks like the "t" has a fuzzy shadow around it which is not natural.
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                              ^^^^ the texture is probably grabbed from an image not made from scratch.
                              I see what you mean.
                              Maybe combining these two tutorials along with some illy manipulation for the text and logo you can come up with the effect your looking for .
                              (for this video, what i would do instead of using photoshop's shadows and stuff, i would just draw it in with a white hard brush and a black hard brush then erase when necessary and add soft brushing when necessary also)
                     texture like they did here)

                              I doubt everything is completely made from scratch in PS like the texture but then again i could be wrong.

                              Hope this helps.






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