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  • what could have happened?

    Do you all remember me talking about working on a magazine project in school? Those of you who do should be able to answer this question.

    The magazine has now been printed, and I was able to view one of them today, I noticed that some of the illustrations were pixelated though.

    I did my half of the illustrations in illustrator and others did their completely in photoshop.

    the pages were then imported into indesign to be designed for the final layout.

    they were saved as eps files, what could be the reason for some of the illustrations coming out pixelated? It wasn't like it was all of them just a few.

    I wasn't responsible for designing the layout of the pages, or getting them printed, so once I did the illustrations I was pretty much done. So i wasn't really following the whole process of it.

    I'm just curious as to why some of them got messed up and some didn't can anyone answer this?

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    Could be anything.

    -Photoshop files are raster and don't print as sharp as vectors

    -The Photoshop files may have been saved low res

    -The final PDF may have been exported out of InDesign in compressed mode

    -A link could be broken


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      I vote the last one. The 'mills' that print out these class project packages probably don't include link maintenance as part of their responsibility. (Nor, realistically, should they)


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        The biggest error?
        No proof...

        What was saved as .eps?
        The indesign file pages or the links?

        Saving Illustrator files as .eps opens up chances for a world of hurt.

        But my guess is the links weren't sent or weren't packaged properly if they were.


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          Originally posted by PrintDriver View Post
          The biggest error?
          No proof...

          What was saved as .eps?
          The indesign file pages or the links?

          Saving Illustrator files as .eps opens up chances for a world of hurt.

          But my guess is the links weren't sent or weren't packaged properly if they were.
          To mee it sounded like they exported the indd to eps for who knows why, so I would bet that the raster art was embedded at 72 ppi (I think that is the default setting for export to eps from ID, could be wrong as I've never attempted to export to eps from ID)
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            I was going to go with the fact that part of the illustrations were done in photoshop. as the first problem. THEN them being imported into indesign and saved straight from there as eps files probably added to the issue.

            When i did my files, they were saved/exported at 300dpi I generally save all my stuff at higher res.

            according to vdm's list, im going to go ahead and say all the above (considering the people who was doing this)

            needless to say this doesn't look like a magazine, it ended up looking like some little booklet, with the page layout of a magazine, because it was printed on thicker paper, something that felt like 60lb stock. maybe slightly thinner.


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              I'm wondering if the people in charge of getting that thing printed got a failing grade...


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                infinity, did they run ID's Prepress check tool before exporting?

                Why didn't they use PDF instead of EPS again?


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                  printdriver all I have to say is if they did then im going to be highly upset, because I was in the group and that would mean me getting a bad grade too.

                  bob I have no clue, like I said I wasn't following the process after I finished my part, I was leaving it up to the group directer and assist. director.

                  thinking back now i should have followed it, considering one person in the group when we first started all this said she uses photoshop for everything, and the rest of the group agreed. I just shook my head. the comment threw up some red flags but I never thought they would be this naive as to what to do.

                  My guess is they didn't use pdf because they didn't know what they were doing.


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                    That's why they call it a 'committee'.

                    (They should have all been committed.)


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                      Originally posted by infinity View Post
                      when we first started all this said she uses photoshop for everything, and the rest of the group agreed.
                      This is the pivotal moment you should have:

                      a) taken charge
                      b) requested/found a new group because no one should get a free ride
                      c) educated the ignorant, you learn things better by teaching them anyways (not that "not using PS for everything" really needs further cementing in your head)

                      If a & b are impossible, attempt c and if your grades suffer from it, try to schedule a meeting with your prof about the whole situation.
                      Design is not decoration.


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                        A group project cannot just be you doing your part and letting everyone else do theirs without check-ins. That doesn't work.
                        Having done tons of college group crap as well as been on design teams and committees for pay as well, never assume someone knows how to do something if you haven't worked with them before.
                        And always take a look at final products for proofing before submitting. That would be your job whether it was school or not.
                        Number one lesson to be learned here (no matter where the problem originated) is never walk away from a project when "your part" is done.
                        I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not. ~ Kurt Cobain


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                          I tried many many times to give my input and advice on things. Every time I suggested something it was either dismissed, or just plain ignored. I got fed up with how things were going, so finally just decided once my part was done, im done. Yes that may have been an amateur way of doing things, and probably shouldn't have done it that way. But, I had other more important things going on like two more finals for two other classes that need to be finished. So I didn't have the time to basically give the wall advice on how to do something.

                          I have a decent enough grade in this class that this little bit of mark off on points that I'm about to get shouldn't effect me too much. Plus we had individual finals for that class that should help me rise back to the top. I'm not entirely too worried about a slight bad grade. I think I had a high enough grade throughout the quarter that something like this shouldn't hurt me too too least I'm hoping :/


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                            I would have done a separate project completely on your own, had it printed, and then turned both of them in.


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                              Group projects should be banned from educational curriculums except as first-hand demonstrations of how committees usually fail at what they're tasked to do.






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