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Pantone Server Hack

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  • Pantone Server Hack

    I received a letter in the mail yesterday stating that a Pantone server was hacked and my name, address and credit information may have been exposed. Wonderful.

    Yet another credit card I have to destroy and replace. Thats the 2nd one in 2 years.

    What a pain. I have so many things linked to that number plus I finally memorized it and will have to learn a new one.

    Thank you Pantone for your poor protection policy!

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    That sux, dude! Hopefully it was caught before anything happened with your #'s and info...
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      Did you call the credit company directly or the number on the letter in the mail?

      When I get stuff like that from my bank, I take it to the bank rather than mail it back to an address I don't recognize.

      Not that I'm paranoid or anything...


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        That's not paranoia, PD, it's a sensible precaution. And if it is paranoia, according to Slartibartfast in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, it's perfectly normal and everyone in the universe has it.

        Emucru, sorry to hear about the hack. Hope there's nothing to sort out past the hassle of a new card.


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          I would have contacted Pantone directly - not by any contact info within that email.

          Emails like that always cause me to be cautious. It could have been a phishing and/or email scam.

          Be careful.

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            Yes. I agree. Caution is important here. Personally, I get one a week from Blizzard (supposedly) telling me that my Wow account has been hacked and I need to log in to fix here!!!!!!!!! Yeah...right!!! I never played Wow. So...Umm....apparently not!!!!

            Moral of the careful. You might not have given them anything. But, by clicking on might just give them everything.

            Call Pantone and check the validity of the email.
   - That one has a phone number: 1(866)Pantone (7268663)
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              wasn't an email, it was a letter.

              that's beat, hopefully it's nothing too major.

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                Email spam gone analogue!

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                  It can happen via US mail too.
                  I ordered a magazine directly from a publisher for $36/year. I get a notice in the mail that my subscription is expiring and to renew it will now cost $68/year. I called the magazine publisher up directly and they told me no, the cost is $36/year and to check the mailing address on the expiration notice carefully. Seems the notice was from a magazine broker and somehow got this magazine company's mailing list and were trying to pre-empt clients on the subscriptions. The publisher explained how they were trying to get the Feds to do something about it but weren't having any luck.


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                    All good points. Yes it was a traditional letter. Typed. Not handwritten.

                    I'm going to call the credit card company for advice.


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                      That renewal notice I got was professionally printed and looked just like all the other renewal slips you get out there.

                      I especially like the one I got last month from the same broker saying my subscription for Popular Mechanic was expiring. Um, ya, I don't have a subscription to Popular Mechanic. My dad did, and for a while it came to my address when I redirected his mail after he died. <cue Twilight Zone music>
                      Note: When redirecting after a death - GET A PO Box! Works wonders.
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                        Originally posted by PrintDriver View Post
                        That renewal notice I got was professionally printed and looked just like all the other renewal slips you get out there.
                        Happened to me, too. Broker contacted me by phone, I happened to be distracted, but instead of just hanging up I wound up with three-year extensions of two subscriptions.
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