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Vector drawing color suddenly changed??

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  • Vector drawing color suddenly changed??

    Hi guys, I have a vector drawing that I've been working on for quite a while on my laptop. But once I move the file onto a different computer, I find that all the colors have shifted into an ugly greenish/mustard yellow color. I have no idea as to why this is happening and was wondering if anyone had any clue as to whats going on.

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    Because no two monitors that are uncalibrated will ever display the same colours. You would need to colour calibrate both of the monitors.

    And the colours you see on screen are no reflection to what can be output on a printer.

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      I wouldn't expect such a huge shift from monitor to monitor.
      I'd more suspect it is that the working space profile used by the program on one computer is different from the working space profile in the program on the second computer. That could cause a drastic shift in color.


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        Are you working on PCs? or going from MAC to PC or vice versa?
        PC's use whatever gamma rating the video card is set at, so the difference between two PC setups can be huge when compounded with uncalibrated monitors. MACs run at 1.8 Gamma, PC's are usually higher than that, meaning an image colour corrected on a mac will often look darker/muddier on a PC.
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            I would suspect it is the laptop and not the color profile.

            Unless you manually changed the profile, the same default profile was likely installed on both systems.

            I use an $800 desktop monitor, and have a $800 laptop.

            When working on the desktop and then taking them to the laptop, they look fine.

            When trying it the other way around, they look terrible.

            Laptop screens are notoriously bad quality, especially in the mid to lower price ranges. Unless you have a laptop that is specifically designed for design, then I would suspect it is your laptop screen.


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              Just solved the problem; after I moved the file into another computer, I opened it in illustrator and just shifted the color balance to be -50% yellow. In other words, my laptop sucks.

              Thanks for the suggestions guys.






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