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    Originally posted by kemingMatters View Post
    I've never understood why people like flip-flops

    Good for things like the beach or any time you need to take a shower in a gym / campground, etc.

    I don't particularly love them--(and can't wear them for extended periods).
    But I always buy a pair for the summer.

    I suppose I could get Crocs.
    Do they still make Crocs?
    Keep Saturn in Saturnalia.


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      I keep a pair out on the deck for when I go out in the yard. Easy to slip on and off.


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        not so.

        His explanation is that most jobs work like this, the ones that offer services. Engineers, prototype-rs, architects- they put a ton of effort and time into developing something for a chance at winning the bid.
        Talk about comparing apples and oranges.. The quick one off graphic designs crowd source uses like a single logo or poster is something that can be done by one unskilled person in an hour. That's the crux of the problem. Yea a master mechanic who can change out an engine also knows how to change oil but he does not want to go into a bidding war against quickie lube techs to do it. If all you need is a POS quickie lube design with no follow up or care then sure have it, crowd-sourcing is great to find the lowest common denominator.

        Also comparing engineering products/services to grapic crowd-sourcing is absurd. A detailed product or service from an engineering company takes HOURS/DAYS just to bid on for a product/service but can result in hundreds of thousands or more.


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          Originally posted by kemingMatters View Post
          I've never understood why people like flip-flops
          I live for flip flops. I do not like the restriction of shoes. I wear them no matter the weather, unless there's snow. However, they cannot be cheap or plastic because they hurt, only suede or leather, and no prints!
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            I think someone should start a site that crows sources everything from general medicine to lawyers to maids. I think it would be a big hit. I can't imagine there would be a market in crowd-sourcing flip flop design… seems like a total waste of time and investment. Wait a minute… there is no inves…
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              Originally posted by Bob View Post
              That's an interesting point. Graphic design tends to be a bit of a refuge camp for skilled introverts. Skillful, powerful solutions created by shy introverts don't stand a chance online against mediocrity wielded by well-connected charismatics.
              It's girls and high school all over again.


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                Try crowd sourcing a law firm, lol.
                "I love deadlines. I love the 'whooshing' sound they make when they go by." - Doug Adams


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                  There needs to be a site that crowd-sources hookers. Now that is an idea…


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                    Thanks for the valuable feedback! I am getting a lot of interesting things to think about. My boyfriend has read the replies and has crafted the following argument. Please consider this is not my opinion, but his. (And I did mention to him that many of us from what I have read are against unpaid internships):

                    Well lucky for you Print Driver, would you like to explain your point to all the Former Caterpillar employees that were laid off because of market conditions and a lost contract? If what you say is true then there would not be such a high flop rate for start-up design firms or are you just stating that there we have a monopoly and Trust issues again where very few powers control the top which allow for no new entries.... Oh wait, Boston Dynamic proved that wrong and so did the inventors of the SAW. Design firms especially ones who are owned by business partners bet the farm and they risk losing but sometimes they win and upset the balance. I am happy for you that your position is not threatened by one bad bid but that is not the case for the majority of pitch based fields, especially the small firms that less than 20 employees. I work for an Openbravo partner (ERP/SAP) it's only a company of about 16 or so. Every bid we place needs to be spot on or we will need to cut developers and interns.

                    Pre-qualified system is one that refers to Sergeant & Lundy or Lockheed Martin or Northrop Grumman, not the small engineering firms that struggle to get a footing. A lot of engineers are part of consultant groups that get paid based on bids won, if the company does not bring in any money then there is no way to pay.

                    If you want barriers to entry in a field you need objective and quantifiable units of measure.... That is not something that is included in an art degree. If you are saying that anyone can just get a cracked copy of photo shop and be able to win these contests, then I think you are the ones that are undercutting your own field.... What you have just said is "I cannot compete with new entries who have no experience even though I have a 4 year degree and worked in the field for X years" That means you're out-of-date and out of touch, clamoring to grasp onto a fading reality as a new one consumes then discards you.

                    "a cracked version of Photoshop that's lifting an existing logo or illustration from the internet, changing it a little bit and making a whiz-bang low resolution piece of crap out if it, while calling it a logo." This statement does not fit with the entries that I have seen on [croudsourcing site], they are amazing. I feel like I can go there and get a quality design that I would not be able to create myself. There are rules and a code of conduct that filters out the unoriginal and bad entries.

                    Here is a counter idea: if the competition is so bad then why can't you beat them with higher quality designs?
                    You complain about the compensation... Graphic design runs in a market like every other industry- if the supply is high then the price is low, so the only way to make the price go high is to increase the demand.... (not likely since there are 22.5 million companies in the US already, or the supply needs to go down. So take your ball and leave the game that way the remaining can charge more. But once prices go up, then more suppliers enter the market. So get used to the low prices.

                    Let's look that the economics
                    *contest site link removed*

                    I have randomly picked designs that I like. Each contest has entries ranging from 14 to 288, yet only one won.

                    Member for a week, entered 7 times and won once.
                    Member for 2 years, entered 184 times and won 11 times.
                    Member for 2 months, entered 94 times and won 8 times.
                    Member for 1 month, entered 544 times and won 111 times.
                    Member for 1 year and 1 month, entered 222 times and 8 wins.
                    Member for 3 weeks, entered 90 times, and 6 wins.
                    member for 3 years, entered 101 times and 7 wins.

                    The average number of designers is 109 per contest.
                    $484,554 for this month and 1,551 contest so about $312 a contest.

                    The average number of entries per competition per user is 3.
                    The BIGGEST THING that strikes me as odd, and personally I find to be the most laughable is graphic designers will take an unpaid internship(s) working 20 or more hours a week and hand over copyrights for free. Or maybe they will get a cup of coffee and a bagel. But when there is an opportunity to show off you skills and possible get paid, (yes REAL money for your work) you get insulted, and you feel entitled to more.

                    You look at unpaid internship and you see it as an opportunity to build your portfolio and networking. You have to commute and meet people, what a hassle for being paid nothing... This is a simple and easy way for you to practice your craft, build your portfolio with a chance of making money. Not to mention you can score a consulting gig out of it, because some companies hire from the site.
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                      Oh, look at you, with your research and your half baked ideas. Adorable.
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                        I love how the sites advertising numbers are the extent of his 'research. I love even more how he 'feels' the logos are amazing, so that must mean they are not stolen! Besides, there are rules.
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                        Sketching not only helps you work out good ideas, it helps you get past the bad ones.


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                          Moderator cleanup crew will be along shortly to remove your advertising links...

                          I don't particularly care if you exploit the crowdsourcers. They are supposedly adults (if they aren't they are (usually) violating the contract terms). Long ago I'd learned to ignore that segment of the industry and do not feel threatened by them. I just don't like someone spewing mis-informed arguments to try to justify their own use of the system, especially one thinly veiled as a charity.

                          A company can be judged by the company they keep.
                          You are just one of many out there that have found a quick way to make a buck.
                          Good for you.


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                            We need to come up with a way to crowdsource crowdsourcing services.


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                              Originally posted by PrintDriver View Post
                              Moderator cleanup crew will be along shortly to remove your advertising links...
                              As sure as the sun rises in the east.

                              Post that link again and there will be consequences.
                              This post is brought to you by the letter E and the number 9. Those are the buttons I push to get a Twix out of the candy machine.
                              "I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process."


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                                Originally posted by jessica21 View Post
                                "a cracked version of Photoshop that's lifting an existing logo or illustration from the internet, changing it a little bit and making a whiz-bang low resolution piece of crap out if it, while calling it a logo." This statement does not fit with the entries that I have seen on [croudsourcing site], they are amazing. I feel like I can go there and get a quality design that I would not be able to create myself.
                                Tell your boyfriend that he obviously does not know what makes a good logo. I've seen the entries these crowdsourcing sites and while they look cool and pretty, most of them would not work in real world production applications. Those clients are going to be really unhappy when they get a call from the printer telling them their "awesome looking design" cannot be printed the way they want. We've even had clients come on this forum complaining about a design they got from a crowdsourcing site that was rejected by printers.

                                To the untrained eye, those logos on those sites may look great, but aesthetics is not what makes a logo good. Real designers know this. Clients who crowdsource, and people like your boyfriend, don't.
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                                "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."
                                -Steve Jobs






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