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  • #16 does great work for the price. I'd prefer to use local printers but they can't even come close on pricing...and my customers want the best price.

    I do use a local place for some of my personal business cards.

    If anyone wants some samples let me know and I'll mail you some.
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      I'd second Buda's suggestion of going local. Some online printers do a good job and are fast, but some have a rather lengthy and confusing upload process if you have other than a simple job. We've had stuff done wrong because it was uploaded the wrong way or some check box was missed or misunderstood. You pay for the mistake and the job gets delayed. If there's something in the file that doesn't work or is misspelled, it gets printed that way.

      A local printer is much more likely to catch something odd in a file and at least ask you about it.
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        i mostly go local, but when i do something online, i usually use


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          ^ Was thinking of trying them out for some of my personal stuff (that I don't want my boss to know about). You've liked their quality? The samples they sent me were pretty good, especially considering the price.
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