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How do I get the look of this photo?

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  • How do I get the look of this photo?

    Am I the only jackass that thinks there is something EXTRA about this photo. Was this look achieved by just the flash and lighting? Or is there some kind of filter or effect to make the colors and face look kind of cartoony, bright(unnatural). If someone has a clue what was done to this photo to give it the look it has, I would greatly appreciate your reply.

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    i cant tell the image is to small

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      click on it and it enlarges.


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        really? if i click on it...then it enlarges? really?

        no kidding... its still about 2 inches wide.....and its to low res to blow up

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          start with the basic tutorials to learn photoshop, then move on to the more advanced stuff, halfway down on that page is a tutorial for photos. I can honestly tell ya nothing much was done to the image you posted, maybe a slight dodge/burn in some areas, and some highliting, but thats it, and those are all very basic photoshop techniques. hope that helps

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            It just looks like it was the photography that makes the picture look the way it does. You can achieve that look through lighting techniques and quality of equipment. I'm not a photographer, so I can't get more detailed than that, unfortunately. I don't see too much 'photoshop' except for possibly some adjustments in brightness, saturation, etc.

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              yeah, that look was done in a photo studio with a lot of soft lighting.
              you can recreate that effect in photoshop by using the airbrush tool, however that technique isn't for beginners.




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                Either all that or hire a really good portrait illustrator/painter.
                The jpg is too low res to tell if it is a soft photo or a really good airbrush painting.

                Is that a CD cover? Check who did the cover art and run a web search on the name. Maybe that'll give you a clue.

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