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  • Myriad Pro OTF printing problems

    hi all,

    My company has decided to use Myriad Pro OTF size 11 font, due to the new logo. This has caused problems when printing emails: words are missing off the end of lines and not wrapping around. We use Xp with Outlook 2003. I have made the changes to the margins in both Outlook and IE as explained on the Microsoft site and other forums, but this has not solved the problem. All programs are serviced packed to the lastest Sp's. We have a number of different printers, but it doesn't matter which one we print to, the result is just the same. If anybody can help with this, please do, it is drivimg me (and my boss) mad!!
    many thanks!

  • #2
    If words are printing off the edge of the page then you most likely have a page setup issue. Chances are it's not your margins but it may have something to do with page orientation or other settings.

    It just sounds like something is not setup right in your print dialog box. Do you have the same problem if you print from other programs like Word?
    You want it when!? Well in that case, let me pull my magic wand out of my ass and take care of that for you.


    • #3
      Question... do you have the same problem with other fonts? Are the other font OTF?
      You want it when!? Well in that case, let me pull my magic wand out of my ass and take care of that for you.


      • #4
        I do not have the same problem when printing to other programs like Word and it only happens with this font. I have not tried any other OTF's. I believe my page set up is correct although this might be wrong.


        • #5

          I have been sending a
          this pdf file to my client and for some reason she cannot print it at all.
          I have no idea where it goes wrong.
          Does it have anything to do with when exporting the indesign file to pdf.
          Does it matter whether it's acrobat 5 or 4?


          • #6
            your question is unrelated to the subject of this thread you should start a new thread with all the information you can provide. Because what you have posted here has about 95% of the important information left out
            Less be more.


            • #7
              We have this problem working on G5's we sometimes have to go back to G4's


              • #8
                We've had problems with myriad with the G3s. Example--Using the G3, I would print lasers and myriad would default to courier but look fine on the screen. Send the same file to our PDF workflow and myriad looked fine. Dropping the font into the system folder's font folder (instead of using a font utilitie program) solved our myriad problem.


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