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  • my .PDF Separations are messed. Help please?

    I'm creating a brochure using 3 spot colours. 2 Coporate colours and Pantone Black 6. I print separations in Indesign and they look fine. Here's the problem. I rip the file as a .PDF for press. When I do this, there are 2 .PDF files where I saved it. One with the proper name that can't be opened (corrupt) and one with half the proper name followed by random cap. letters and numbers. When print the separations from the .PDF that has half the name there's chunks colour on the separations where there shouldn't be on the brochure. The separations look modern cubism meets deconstructive typography. I want to send a .PDF because I don't want to deal with font/image transfer because ther are several. I've tried ripping it several times. Something's wrong, can anyone make a suggestion? Print Driver? Anyone?


  • #2
    Mac or PC? Which version OS?
    Do you have a postscript printer driver so you can create a psotscript file and then run it through distiller?
    Need a litle more info.
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    • #3
      I'm using Mac OSX. The separations are done through a Xerox workcenter pro 55, which is a postscript printer.


      • #4
        Ah, but is it a 'genuine' Adobe postscript printer?

        Very often, printers that claim to be postscript are in fact, just software translators into the printers native 'language'. HP does this too.

        And even if it is genuine postscript, is it new enough? Exported ID PDFs tend to be more demanding on RIPs than any others... especially with transparency (that's the source of your 'patches') and double byte encoded fonts. The solution, if you have Distiller, is to print to a postscript file using the 'Postscript File' driver (top of the list in ID), and distill that. I do it all the time. In fact, the files are generally a lot smaller too.


        • #5
          How do I distill the file?


          • #6
            you just create the postscript file as Broacher mentioned and then drop it into Distiller and it will create your PDF.
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            • #7
              That's assuming you have Adobe Acrobat Distiller...


              • #8
                Makes sense. Thanks guys.


                • #9
                  LOL - good point PD!
                  I blog, you blog, we all blog!


                  • #10
                    make sure all your 'ducks are in a row' in distiller. The pdf profile, font locations etc.


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