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Pre/Print heater temperatures

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  • Pre/Print heater temperatures

    I currently run a Mimaki JV3-160 solvent ink printer and i was wondering if anybody could tell me what the reason is for a pre-heater and in what circumstances would i adjust the temperature? I am currently having troubles with ink pooling on the media, if i turn up the print heater, the ink will stick but the media cockles and the print head will strike, but if i turn it down, the ink will not adhere to the media and dry fast enough. I am running a fairly slow print speed at 8pass, so slowing the print down anymore isnt really an option either?

    I am also having troubles with the height of the print head, it sits fairly low, so the head is constantly striking and destroying prints, but if i raise the heads to a banner setting, then the print quality is terrible and i get a strange patchy kind of print when printing solid colours...?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanking you in advance


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    A slow 8 pass lays down a lot of ink. I'm not familiar with a Mimaki. What media are you using and is the coating receptive to solvent inks?


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      Head print is mode high
      materials: decan or Hiflex?
      I think with decan : 720x720 dpi, 4 or 8pass, heater: pre:50 and print:55 C, it will a high quality. with Hiflex : 360x720 dpi, 4pass, heater: pre:40 and print:45 C, it will a high quality.
      what do you use to software printer?
      free contact!!!






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