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    I have a Canon Bubblejet i9100 printer here in the office and, after every print, I am getting an error message that the used ink tank is almost full and to contact one of the service centres.

    So, I did contact a service centre and the cost to have the printer serviced is nearly a third of the cost of just buying a new one. This one is over 2 years old. Has anyone emptied the used ink tank on their printer on their own, and if so, was it difficult?

    My other options are to just have it serviced or buy a new and better printer. But I also invested in the iProof rip software for this printer, so maybe it's better just to stick with the same model. What would you do in this situation?


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    Our Epson 9600 has a used ink tank that we replace ourselves. Our used ink tank has a computer chip in it to prevent you from using the same tank twice. Try to locate a service manual for your printer (ebay) or the manual that came with your printer to locate and replace the tank yourself.


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      I was able to reset my printer so that it doesn't give me the error anymore - I found the instructions and a general instruction on how to clean the used ink tank myself at:

      I feel very happy now! But mostly I feel like a printer hacker! Whoo-hoo!







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