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  • pre printing isssue

    hi all!

    i am a digital artist, ..... and i would like to post a pre-printing question

    i need to render a 480x60mm image (fractal design)
    in pixels this amounts to crazy 34000x4200 pixels !!!! (@180dpi)
    now, to what percentage do you think can i render the image smaller (to save time) and resize the output to the desired size???
    the image will be printed on glossy film and then be laminated behind 7mm acrylic. (backlit)
    the artwork will be displayed indoors and viewed at from about 60 centimeters down.


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    Originally posted by 149047
    in pixels this amounts to crazy 34000x4200 pixels !!!! (@180dpi)
    i say let it be. It is what it is.
    I work while you are all asleep...


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      480mm x 60mm?
      Are you really talking about a 19" x 2.3" image (approximately of course)?
      I'm not seeing where you are seeing all those pixels...


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        Originally posted by PrintDriver
        480mm x 60mm?
        Are you really talking about a 19" x 2.3" image (approximately of course)?
        I'm not seeing where you are seeing all those pixels...
        uupppsssss - braindamage on my behalf


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          It's gonna be a .psb file at that size.
          Make sure your printer's rip can handle those.
          You also can't place those into most layout programs either so it has to be printed direct from Photoshop.

          If you take it down to 150dpi it stays in a regular photoshop file format and can be saved as .psd, .tif, or .eps if needed for film output. If this is your red backlit thing from another thread, 150dpi will probably be alright. Get a full resolution strip section done as well as a reduced scale proof just to be sure.
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