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  • Color Separation For Screenprinting_illustrator

    hello everybody. i am soooo glad that i found this website -while i am actually supposed to be listening to my maya class. for reasons that would be too long to explain i currently have to do separations for screenprinting. and i don't mean "print out" the separations from my illustrator files, but add pages to my illustrator files to give to the people who are going to do the screenprinting. needless to say they are in china. well, i am totally new to this "need for separation in illustrator files", but if i have to do it i want to learn how to do it right. i could question why they want me to do it... but most of the time this ends in incomprehensible conversations. so, here is how i do it now: i take my illustrator image that i have in my illustrator file and i click on every color, grouping the colors and converting them in pms colors, when necessary. it looks stupid to me, but i haven't found anybody who could explain to me what i am doing, why i am suppposed to do this, and how to do this right. notice: the chinese people never complained, if i do it this way. it seems to be what they want... go figure.
    i am absolutely willing to learn this, and i have already learned so much by reading other threads. could anyone help me, please????

  • #2
    UH_OH!! Teacher mode!!!!

    It works better if you change all the current colors to spot colors and tints thereof. That way the colors stay the same. the reason this works is that when the printers get it, they can go into the print menus and click which colors they want to print. like say you have this image (one of mine)

    this is done is tints of red, blue and black all spot colors . when i print this, I'll go into 'output' in the print dialogue window, and set it to print separations. Then, I'll click off the default CMYK colors, and click on my spot colors. (the printer will only recognize spot colors and the default CMYK splits for this, your chinese friends are converting the PMS colors into spots for the printing.) then it prints just those colors and their tints on their own separate sheet. like above, it'll print all the blue tints that you see on one sheet, all the black tints on one sheet, and all the red tints on one sheet.
    did this help at all?
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    • #3
      print to a pdf with output set to seperations as suggested above, then re-import each page seperatly back into a new document.


      • #4
        thank you

        i'll have to try this on my next separation. i never had to do this before; i would just send the files to the printers and they would do it, but if i have to do it i want to learn to do it right.
        p.s. i had contacted some teachers and asked them if they could teach me how to do it or if they could tell me where to learn about separation and they told me that it is taught by printers' unions???


        • #5
          Ah yes the rapidly disappearing art of ink.
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          Massive Change


          • #6
            What Bear mentions works surprisingly well too. Gosh, I have learned two new things that will make my life easier today that I hadn't thought of before. Thanks Graphic Design Forum!

            Thomas Clemmons


            • #7
              bear: i don't get this. what do you mean by "print to a pdf"?


              • #8
                export/save as a pdf. Just make sure the separations box is checked instead of composite.
                Some advice is profound, some is clever. The above post is a good example of both.


                • #9
                  got it, thanks.


                  • #10
                    Originally posted by kicca
                    p.s. i had contacted some teachers and asked them if they could teach me how to do it or if they could tell me where to learn about separation and they told me that it is taught by printers' unions???
                    I'd ask the teachers where they learned it. Dollars to donuts it wasn't at a printers union meeting! Sounds like they're showing their "I don't know how" side!
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                    • #11
                      that's what i thought...


                      • #12
                        I did this by printing my illy file to the Adobe Distiller PPD and it made one PDF for me with 5 pages. Seperations on each page. To get individual pages I then extracted each page form the large PDF file into their own pages.

                        But I followed basically what Bear had mentioned.
                        Thomas Clemmons


                        • #13
                          ok, i am going to try this. my chinese friends, though, don't usually care if i put 8 different colors on one page -each within the same marks-, BUT they want me to call out all the PMS colors. so actually if my artwork includes other types of colors i have to change them into PMS -preferably C, even if sometimes TPX would be more appropriate.


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