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Maintaining a CTP system

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  • Maintaining a CTP system

    (I usually use a different name but for now I feel safer with this one) I have just recently started a new job and was shown how to clean our CTP system recently by my boss (who was shown how to do it only once himself). It was a complete and utter shambles, no protective gear, wrestling with and partially destroying rollers etc... and lets just say that we are now having major problems with our plates (visible foggy lines on solid blocks of colour at the same locations on our plates (our plates go through the device short edge first...the lines go from long edge to long edge if this helps)...

    Having tested for press problems, or artwork problems, the press operator and myself have determined that it has something to do with the way the CTP system was cleaned. (we think the bit where washing-up liquid was used is the problem!(not my idea))...the boss doesn't agree though and thinks its a press problem...and despite the press operator advising we get it sorted now...and me explaining this to my boss...I still have to output plates regardless.

    What worries me is that a) I am not really clued up on the mechanics of CTP devices (and the one we use is a bit of a behemoth) so I don't know how to fix it but b) more importantly in 2 weeks time it needs to be maintained again (by myself and another designer) and I would like to be able to go up to my boss and present him with some facts and a list of items I need before the same mistake is made twice!..really need some better knowledge of how these things (in general) should be maintained.

    I have had a look on google...and came up with hundreds of sites that bear little resemblance to what I asked for...checked out the afga website which again has not helped...can anyone offer their wisdom? or direct me to some helpful sites (sorry I don't have the actual model name as I am away from work as I type this)
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    Sounds rather messy, sorry

    We have an AGFA system, Apogee, Galileo. We were told by AGFA to only use Simple Green on the processor rollers and it does indeed do the best job.

    I suggest, if you haven't tried it yet, It is more of an in-depth forum for prepress and printers. There are a few of us here on GDF that cross-over to that one also. Albeit they aren't nearly as fun as the bunch here.

    Good luck, AGFA hasn't been the best support we've found also.
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      Cheers for that one Rickself! will check it out site (have to wait a bit before I can post though)
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        Just about all CTP systems are going to have a little different cleanup, here we are on our second processor (Fuji) and the cleanup on it is alot different than the first system (Western Litho). Might I suggest getting your service rep for your system in and take a look at your processor then he can give you the proper cleanup procedure.


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          probably no help at all, but here is another thread that references CTP

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            thanks for the replies regards to the service is highly unlikely that my boss would pay for the services of someone qualified to show us the correct operation of the machine ...but after two days of ranting and raving the press operator has discovered that the problems he is having are actually *press* problems...the test he showed me at first was with a heavily inked (different) plate and ran with only one sheet...he was a bit more thorough this morning though and discovered that my *bad* plates actually started off as good plates!...which is a *slight* relief to me but I still have 2 weeks time to worry about.
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              ya know, my boss has been a printer since the Gutenburg Bible and it WILL and ALWAYS WILL be a prepress problem, even if the pressman has the plate hanging half-cocked and the wrong paper loaded up.
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                lol!...I hear ya






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