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  • 4-Fold Double Parallel Brochure set up--help!

    I have a job that's due Monday morning for a 11x17 4-fold, double parallel fold brochure. I've been trying to figure out how to set up the folds and I've been getting conflicting advice and even the printer couldn't tell me exactly what he wanted. I understand that the inside panel that will be folded in needs to be shorter than the other panels--does this mean that I should set up the other 3 panels to be a bit larger than 4.25? THree panels, the same size, and one shorter? Or....? If anyone has done one recently and can tell me where to drag my guides, I'd be grateful..


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    What program are you using to lay it out in? If u are using quark, it can do the math for you...I believe indesign can do the will need to know exactly how much shorter the inside panel needs to be...generally, (in my experience) one panel can be anywhere from .125 to .50 shorter depending on the needs or desires of the client. Unless the client specifies, you could make all the panels of equal size...
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      I am using Quark. It can do the math for me? So, if I set up the smaller panel as .5 shorter, do I set the other panels up as equal sized panels up so the whole thing adds up to 17 inches? (...can't find my calculator right now but is this right?)


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        How exactly are you folding this thing? Both ends to the middle then folded in half, like and accordian, or like a jelly roll?


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          You fold the 11x17 paper in half, and then in half again. So the inside flap, the one you see when you open the brochure, needs to be the smallest panel as I understand it.


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            Half and half again. No panel is folding inside another panel like a barrel fold. Make all 4 panels equal. Make a 2page 17x11 drag in some guides at 4.25" and work within those margins. Tell the printer that you want the grain of the paper to run short on 17x11.


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