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    Im a senior graphic design student and am applying for pre-press internships. Any particular skills I should know before starting the first day? or even before the interview?
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    you should know all your basic design stuff off hand. the difference between CMYK, and RGB, the difference between vector and raster. You should know what file formats are used for what purposes and why. You should know how to color correct using many a different methods. ummmm, you should probably know how to scan stuff too and have a full understanding of bleeds, trim, etc. of course this all varies on if what kind of pre-press job your applying for (ie: Kinko's, or your local full scale print house)
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      any ideas on where to brush up on things? books? web sites? certain web articles? etc?


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        Maybe search those terms here on this site - someone will have asked similar questions.

        There are some good tutorials and links here


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