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Printing quark files on non postscript printers?

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  • Printing quark files on non postscript printers?

    Hi, I need to know if there is anyway of printing Quark files on a home printer (bubblejet). I have heard that there are programs you can get to convert printers into postscript compatible.

    I'm new to quark, so don't know a lot about it. But i just basically need to be able to print pages that actually have the eps files in them, rather than just printing the preview of the file. Sorry to ask dumb questions, but I don't know where else to turn.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


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    You should be able to print Quark at home with no problems. Do you have the correct printer selected and the correct PPD?

    Are you on a Mac or a PC and what version of Quark are you running??

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      Dz you can print the Quark files on a nonpostscript printer but the images will look like crap.
      You can try outputting the file as pdf and printing that or use FPO tif images instead of eps only for your hard copy (supply the printer with the eps files).
      Check your printer manufacturer's support page. Some have software rips you can use to emulate postscript. Most don't.

      PrintDriver is a large format digital print dude. His advice/opinions may not apply to the 4color/offset/web world of printing


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        Ahh thanks PD ;o) Now that I think about it I haven't printed from Quark at forever. I always do at work but we of course have PS printers. Humm...that's crappy...much like Quark itself I guess (

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          I agree about the PDF suggestion. It was the only thing other than doing the complete setup in Illustrator that I found worked for producing my BC jobs without a PS printer. Just make sure you are producing a HiRes PDF and you will have no problems. Of course Quark loves to do crazy things when it produces PDFs but that will just be a challenge for you to try to deal with. Doesn't happen all the time and of course it is Quark!


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            Cheers for the help, I give up with Quark. Just trying to put a portfolio book together to send out to TRY and get a job in the UK. Everywhere seems to use quark, but god knows why. it's slow, clunky and you can do so much more in Illustrator in half the time!. so why does everyone love it so much? it's madness.

            I'm running Quark 5 on windows XP, but I have the same prob when I try printing on 10.3 with the lowly ibook.

            I'll try saving as PDFs but I'll probably just end up doing it all in Iluustrator again!

            Thanks for the help.


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              Quark is really a great program. It's built for page layout. If you are working with posters, CD covers even small pamflets you should stick with illustrator but if you are working on Catalogs, Magazines, Newspapers you'll completely understand why Quark it the way to go.

              Also Postscript is the professional way to print. Quark is proffesional so what happens is your mixing a consumer technology (bubble jet) with a professional one (Quark). Thats why you are getting these problems.


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                Sure, Quark is a greeeaaat program! But now that Adobe Indesign is giving them a run for thier money maybe they can do more to check for bugs. This one is annoying!!

                Quark states that it CAN and HAS always been able to print to a non-postscript printer...


                Pg 9 at bottom...
                "Quark has always supported output to a non-postscript printers [...]"

                And it is true, I have been able to print from my Epson 1280 with out a problem. The thing is, sometimes it just stops printing eps files, I have NO IDEA why this is so! One week it will print, and the next week it wont. I'm using the same computer, same version, same FILES!!! It just stops...

                There must be a bug in Quark that is giving it this problem. One thing I did notice that exporting to PDF has no problem interpreting postscript info, BUT print to a PDF does have that problem. I'm not a bug fixer but I bet it has to do with a bug in the print information being passed over.

                FYI- Somtime last year I encountered the export to PDF crash bug in the QuarkXpress 6.1 update. Next thing I know they uploaded a patch of sorts to correct Quark from crashing when it exports certain files to pdf. What a waste of my time!!!

                This printing to non-postscript printer issue is again a waste of my time!


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                  This thread is 2 years old!
                  I have more trouble with 6.x printing to a non-postscript printer for hard copy than I ever had with Q4. PDF has been the only way to go these days. Well, except we just got a brandy new postscript laserjet for color hard copies. And IT just uploaded the drivers. Woo Hoo!


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                    Originally posted by muserna
                    FYI- Somtime last year I encountered the export to PDF crash bug in the QuarkXpress 6.1 update. Next thing I know they uploaded a patch of sorts to correct Quark from crashing when it exports certain files to pdf. What a waste of my time!!!
                    I had the same trouble. I cannot export to PDF on 6.1! Sheesh!
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