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  • garricks
    Reply to InDesign: Edit Import Options after Import?
    Honestly, I don't remember. Try it and see, with a copy of the .indd document.
    Today, 07:51 PM
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    Reply to What dpi in photoshop?
    Thank you. Thank you guys for your posts.
    Today, 07:14 PM
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    Yeah, it's sort of the bushiness of Stalin's stash combined with the Charlie Chaplin look of Hitler's upper lip hairs and all on the head of Nick Offerman.
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  • HotButton
    Reply to What dpi in photoshop?

    We can't know whether you've chosen an acceptable course of action and neither can you until you confirm the spec with the printer.

    You can't build a boat out of cannonballs.You're...
    Today, 06:54 PM

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  • Preparing Newspaper Ad w/Spot Color

    Okay here's my quandry: I design newspaper ads for a client. They like spot blue which I used to highlight certain words and their current campaign slogan. The production department of the newspaper I'm submitting to requests that the spot blue be sent as 100% cyan. I have no problem with this and the first ad looked good. The problem they keep running into is with the graphic in the ad. It's a grayscale tiff. They seem to have an unspecified issue with this (I'm waiting on a call back from them as we speak). I'm a doing something wrong on my end? Should the graphic be an EPS? I have my color management set to off in Pagemaker 6.5 (ugh, I know I know). Am I missing something in the Advanced Options when I PDF? Thanks for any assistance!
    Official lunchboxbrain blog

  • #2
    Just make a cyan version of the graphic?
    It's not about the world of design.
    It's about the design of the world.
    Massive Change


    • #3
      PB- I want the graphic to remain as B&W. Any other ideas?
      Official lunchboxbrain blog


      • #4
        To me it sounds like their workflow system has a problem with Pantone names. Some older systems when recieving a pms300 CV for example doesn't like it, so it crashes or it defaults to a process build. It also could be a platform issue, Mac to PC or PC to Mac thing. So, for them to avoid this problem they map the pms to a 100% process color.


        • #5
          I'm in a newspaper environment and It's CMYK.... if you are tinting your GREY graphic with a pantone --- to PDF it might be causing productionissues in the PDF.

          Newspapers....CMYK all the way. IMHO
          It's not about the world of design.
          It's about the design of the world.
          Massive Change


          • #6
            Thanks for the input guys. I'll try getting in touch with the prod. dept. (again!) and try sending them a test file with the tiff byte order set to PC and the dot grain setting off. Perhaps that will do the trick.

            Official lunchboxbrain blog


            • #7

              are you getting overprint (cyan on top of black)? If this is the case open the graphic in photoshop. If image is grayscale, convert to cmyk. in the window dropdown select channels. Now delete the cyan, magenta, and yellow separations out of your graphic. (click on the channel, select all in the picture, and cut it) this will leave only the black channel. You may have to piss with levels, contrast, etc. to get it to look ok. save graphic in cmyk.


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