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Hand stamping over 4-colour process print run

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  • Hand stamping over 4-colour process print run

    Hi Everyone,

    I've come to pick your collective brain again. I'm doing the design for a 7 inch vinyl single, press run of 600. We want to embelish it beyond 4 colour-process but there isn't a budget for die-cutting, embossing etc. I had the idea that i could design a sleeve with a process illustration printed on it and that we could hand stamp over the illustration with a one colour ink to add some depth.

    I can get the stamps made,but I'm unsure about what ink to use and how to have the sleeve itself printed so there won't be any issues with warping, colour bleed, etc. Its for commercial sale, so I don't want to bollocks it up. If any one has any experience with this sort of thing, I'd really appreciate some advice.






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