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  • Kool
    Reply to New project for creatives/artists
    Hello goedgee,

    Unfortunately due to many cases of abuse we have had to disallow posts asking for "Feedback" on off site commercial websites. Sorry about that.

    Today, 05:07 PM
  • goedgee
    New project for creatives/artists
    Dear all,

    My friends and I have been working on building a new platform for artists/creatives. It's meant to provide a new medium for creatives to showcase their work, collect material from...
    Today, 04:59 PM
  • PrintDriver
    Reply to A typeface that only works in your browser...
    I just hope if anyone decides to use it for something other than the web, they get what they deserve.
    Today, 04:33 PM
  • LindsaySalters
    Poster Feedback
    This is a poster for my class and here is the criteria I was given:

    This time we are going to use a system of rules we make to create an arrangement that allows color to offset...
    Today, 04:31 PM
  • seamas
    Reply to New member in need of lettering critique!
    I think it makes a very good first impression, but it is a bit feminine (imho) at this point.

    I think the first N could have a lightly more height on the right side.
    The second N could...
    Today, 02:07 PM

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  • Need to print a one time newspaper..Help

    Hello, This is my first post here

    I need to print a b&w newspaper for a one time job. It would only be one sheet (4 pages front and back), 1000 quantity. My budget is around 3k or less. It will most likely be created in illustrator cs2 in a high res pdf format. I am wondering what my options are as far as where to go to get this printed?Has anyone here done someting like this before?


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    when all else it I found...
    oh and my search
    "I has puter, I isam dsgna?!"


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      What is the size? Does it need to be printed on newsprint paper? This sounds more like a newsletter than a newspaper, if so and the size is 11x17 or so flat you could get this printed at your local printer for way under $3,000. should be more like $300 or even less in B&W


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        Originally posted by Kool
        What is the size? Does it need to be printed on newsprint paper? This sounds more like a newsletter than a newspaper, if so and the size is 11x17 or so flat you could get this printed at your local printer for way under $3,000. should be more like $300 or even less in B&W
        Thanx for your quick reply. Yes, we would like it to look resemble a real newspaper (i.e. size and paper weight or someting close to the stock of a newspaper). What would you suggest as a good place to go?


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          You need special web presses to print on newsprint. I doubt this could be done over the internet but you could search. Best bet is have whoever prints your local newspapers do it.


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            sounds a little difficult, I've never done newsprint before myself
            "I has puter, I isam dsgna?!"


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              There is paper stock that is similar to newsprint that will run on offset presses. It's just a bit more thicker. Also, if you really want that newspaper effect you may want the printer to image between 85 to 110 lines per inch--(lpi).


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                Great! This is helping alot, please keep the suggestions comin'.


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                  Where are you located?


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                    I would highly recommend that you NOT do it in Illustrator and that you do it in a page layout program like Indesign or Quark or even Publisher if you have to. That will make your life and your printers life a whole lot easier.
                    Also I am wondering why, if you are printing on newsprint you would want a high res file? That will only muddy your halftones as you have quite a bit of dot gain and as stated above the line screen will be 85 to 110. Typically the rule of thumb for resolution is two times the line screen so your DPI could be anywhere from 180 to 266. (No I didn't calculate wrong those are just resolutions that I work in as a standard) Talk with your printer. With newer presses and chemistries newsprint plants are even moving up to 133 to 150 line screens.
                    Also you can print newsprint on sheetfed press. I have done it. However it would be better to do as >2k suggested and find a higher end paper that resembles newsprint. For that quantity you will find paper being a very small amount of your budget.
                    Good Luck and let us know how it comes out.


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                      wow, you could do this for 1000 bucks and spend the rest on beer!
                      I work while you are all asleep...


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                        Try these guys

                        J&S Printing in Birmingham, AL

                        I found these comments in a forum--- The paper comes back on 11X17 newsprint, and everyone is pumped because it looks like a real paper, not a newsletter.


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