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  • Need Onyx Help

    Okay, I'm trying to rip a file with cutcontours. I have the file (eps) with a second layer. The second layer has a stroke in pure magenta and at .25 width, tracing the required cut path for the plotter. However when I rip them in Onyx all three files give me an error in the console. "RefID 74d4730c! = RefID 000000001".

    It kicks out the projects and doesn't give me it in the que or anywheres. I have experienced this in the past and Onyx tech had never heard of it, in other words, they were just as helpful as always. (read:not helpful). I have utilized CutContour and it has worked in the past.

    Can any of you large format printers or prepress guys help out a fellow?
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    Never mind. The gd gave me an rgb formatted pic and onyx needs it to be CMYK, apparently...
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      I retract that last statement. it worked on only one of them, but not the other two. Any help??
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        wow, i think i did figure it out. I turned on the marks, print info before I submitted it. I had those on, since this is a color test. However when I didn't turn on the print info, it RIPPED just fine. And I was able to add those marks afterwards with no problems.
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          What version of Onyx are you using?
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            It seems that if I submit the artwork and turn on the crop marks and info before I submit it fails, but if I do it after, it's fine. Strange bug, that even Onyx has never heard of.
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              its always great when you find the one bug that effects your file

              Version 7 will be out next month maybe it will fix the problem
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                this is the only onyx I know of...hes old school

                "I has puter, I isam dsgna?!"


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                  I just got that cd and now its old school damn times change to fast
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