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Laser monochrome printer using photo laser paper

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  • Laser monochrome printer using photo laser paper

    Hey there,
    I am interested to know if there is any restriction of using a photo laser matte paper, printing a black and white project using a (SL-M2625, 4800x600dpi) monochrome laser printer.
    Trying to choose the right top of paper, I have some concerns because reading the printer manual, I can't find "Photo paper" as accepted media, instead I've found this message "Make sure not to use the inkjet photo paper with this machine. It could cause damage to the machine." so.. Inkjet not laser (?).

    Also, I've found different type of photo papers (matte even glossy or high glossy) that are sold as being compatible with all laser printers.
    Any thoughts?

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    This is a $100 all in one...?

    If whatever you feed it says it is rated for high-temperature laser printers, it should be ok.
    There are always exceptions.

    Laser papers usually can take the high temperature of the fuser. If you use inkjet paper you are likely to ruin the fuser because inkjet photo paper has a coating on it that holds the ink but will melt and stick to a laser fuser. So label everything accordingly if you have an inkjet you are also using. I remember the day an intern put inkjet transparency film into a laser printer. Stink?!! Luckily (for the intern) it was a lease unit and the fuser was a replaceable component. That probably wouldn't be the case in a $100 desktop printer.

    the tech specs on this printer say its use is mostly rated for plain paper prints.
    Lasers are noted for not liking certain papers, especially anything with a texture. If the toner doesn't stick to some of those generic matte texture laser photo papers, I wouldn't be surprised.

    Does the printer driver have a selection for photo paper?
    Is the photo paper you want to use within the paper weight parameters for the printer (under 59lb stock)? Some heavier stocks don't like to bend through the fuser gate.

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      It's not all-In one but it was indeed approx. 100USD (it's only a laser monochrome printer not scanner/xerox) and I was interested in printing at home text or shapes (not pictures) at a pretty decent resolution.

      I didn't receive it yet so I didn't use the driver but I'll check if we have the photo paper option.
      The printer support media up to 220gr/m2; I was interested to try matte/glossy Photo laser paper up to 220gr/m2.

      Thank you for your feed-back.
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        Hahaha, And I used this paper for laser printers for $ 100 and even a little more expensive) How naive I was. The printed photos are good without using it.






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