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Inkjet printer that handles large variety of paper weights needed

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  • Inkjet printer that handles large variety of paper weights needed

    My Epson WorkForce 435 just died. Sad... I know. My freelance work load might be light now, but I had been generally happy with that Epson printer. The one drawback with this model, I found, has been that I've spent good money on inkjet compatible paper which wouldn't work my printer.
    I'd appreciate any recommendations as far as looking for a new replacement. And if more information is needed from me on that note, I'm happy to answer!

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      Are you looking for an all-in-one?

      With an Epson desktop, sometimes you have to play around with the printer profiles to find a good one for a non-OEM paper. I've not had any trouble with my Epson Artisan when using non-OEM photo papers, but some of the matte papers are a bit more difficult. I try to keep stuff on Epson papers when possible just so the color profiles work decently.


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        I had forgotten about Epson's Artisan series... However, I do need a scanner. [The only "Artisan" currently featured is without one.] No need for faxing. If there are any members here who have thoughts on Epson's Expression line, I'd love to hear from you!






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