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Best procedure for converting these images for printing?

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  • Best procedure for converting these images for printing?

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Name:	outboard decal example.jpg
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    I need to convert a large amount of these images to vector or .eps for printing decals. I'm new to this type of conversion and wanted to see if I could get some helpful tips before I proceed and make things harder for myself than I need to. I assume I could use image tracing in Illustrator but I'm not sure if there were other methods people use that could make it easier. Most of them have the gradient effect which seems to be difficult to trace.

    Thanks in advanced, sorry for sounding like a beginner but I suppose that's what forums are for!
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    If you were a licensed authorized dealer for these decals, you would have the vectors files from corporate headquarters.
    It would be a violation of Trademark law for you to trace them and sell them without permission.


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      ^Right. These graphics were created as vector graphics, and original vector files are without a doubt in the possession of their owner. So if your application is legitimate, request copies from that owner.

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    Assuming you have permission, there is no good way to convert this kind of thing to a vector format. No matter what you do, an auto conversion will produce sloppy and inaccurate results. Sorry.


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