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  • Print Coverage Average for Printing Jobs

    We're using a digital printer for short-run jobs and I have created a job calculator, but not sure what coverage % for C,M,Y,K to use as an average for jobs to quote customers when I don't see the artwork before hand.

    Does anyone have any ideas what other commercials use as an average for pricing?

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    You are trying to figure ink costs?
    Most production printers have a consumables report you can run that will give you a pretty good ink usage average after a couple weeks. Run a few jobs on the same media and check the report. Or just run several jobs and figure your average for that machine on any paper.

    If your machine does not have a usage report, question the production quality of the machine...

    Read up on ink limits.

    Every machine, media and inkset is different. For instance, on a solvent machine, I would have my ink limits near 200-250 for running on SAV (self-adhesive vinyl) where the solvent will affect the adhesive, but I might have them set lower or higher on other materials such as banner vinyl or some of the canvas-like things we run where color saturation is an issue.
    Ink usage, for us, is more of an overhead thing than a per job thing.
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        We don't worry about ink usage. Ink is the cheapest part of the equation. We just assume total coverage on everything.


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          Oh, that kind of coverage.
          Printed as opposed to white space.
          That's why it's just pretty much part of the overhead.






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