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    I don't know if I'm on the right topic or not, but it does fit in the Printing, right? Anyway, I have this Avery brand labels #22804 Glossy White Oval size 1.25" x 2.25" 18 per page. The biggest problem was the Templates itself. I know my CorelDraw don't have the template already on there or close to it. Download it is a mess cause 1. It only in Words Doc files and I don't use them. 2. The margins is very off.

    I been google it to find what the margins for those labels. I have try calling Avery. No answer. Doing their "Live Chat" thing. I ended up "Thank you for chatting with us" That I never got to. It a hassle to pull out a ruler and do it which take me about good 4 to 5 hours to get them right.

    The Label is for the 2oz bottle for Lotion. (If you been wondering why and what for. I have another business beside Graphic business)

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    Originally posted by BaTonix View Post
    It a hassle to pull out a ruler and do it which take me about good 4 to 5 hours to get them right.
    Seriously? What on earth will you be doing for 4 to 5 hours? You should be able to replicate the label layout in about the same time it took you to register here and type your post. Or, I'll do it ... for my hourly rate ... x4.
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      I have had good luck with Avery's label templates. I have not found one that is not accurate. It's a pain that they only come in Word files, but I just export them as a PDF and then place them into Illustrator/InDesign/whatever.

      You could always do it the old fashioned way. Get a ruler and start measuring. Not sure why it would take you 4-5 hours though. If it takes over 10 minutes you're doing it wrong.


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        You could just scan a sheet of them (remove the weed between the labels for easy viewing first) and place it, set up a template over it, delete the scan, print the template a couple times to plain paper to make sure it is printing right and go for it. Assuming you have a scanner.

        As for the measuring thing...yeah... We've had two, count em TWO interns in the not so distant past who could not read the little marks on a ruler, let alone know the decimal equivalents for them. I'm not kidding. One had never even used a tape measure before. How do you get to be 20-something and not have used a tape measure? It suddenly all made sense to me why some designers do not seem to care about the dimensions of their objects in the art they want fabricated. A lot of times I get very odd 4-digit decimal places rather than nice 1/4s, 1/8s or 1/16s decimal equivalents.
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          @HotButton: Always do.

          @Cosmo: Yea can do it that way but the biggest problem was it not a line what it suppose to do. I did that once and didn't work out to good.

          @PrintDriver: That exactly what I just did but I use a red paper behind it and change the setting in the brightness and contract. From there to CorelDraw to do the layout. So I save the layout for the future being than start the whole thing.
          Ah that bring back memories. Doing all those Math in Graphic Arts class in decimal. But the problem was this layout was the lease common on those decimal then most common which was the business card.


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            Welcome BaT

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              Depending on your location in the world, mm may work better than inches...and vice versa.

              One more expansion on the ruler thing...
              If you are ever doing a design that requires an installer, don't be giving your installer measurements like 23.3685" for the distance between objects It's either 3/8 (.375) or it will be.

              And don't confuse 6'-6" with 66". It's not.

              Here is a VERY handy chart every designer (in the US) should have on their bulletin board.


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                I measure then tweak. The templates you get from Label websites can be a bit hit and miss. If you have an error of a fraction of a millimeter it can step out to get really bad over 4-5-6 columns / rows.

                Don't try to measure the gaps between the labels as this can be silly fractions and difficult to measure and reproduce.

                My usual method would be to measure from the top of the top label to the bottom of the bottom label then step out outlines using Align > Distribute. Repeat this method across the sheet.
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