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PDF sizes off from document size in InDesign

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  • PDF sizes off from document size in InDesign

    Hello everyone! Need some help. I received an InDesign file to try to fix. The document size in InDesign is 8.5 X 11. However, when it is exported, the size showing on the pdf is 8.27 X 11.69. If I add bleeds to it, the size ends up showing as 8.85 X 12.28. How can I fix this to show the correct size with bleeds? I set the bleeds to .125. VERY frustrating. All my other files work fine. This one is just a bear! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for your help!

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    Check your Page Tool size.
    It's in the tool bar, the icon of a page with a little arrow on it, usually under the white arrow.

    This little trick drove me mad for nearly an hour the first time I encountered it...
    It's even more fun when someone makes a multipage doc, tells the page setup to be uniform then changes all the page sizes individually using that darn tool. Grrrrrrrrr.

    It is very handy for making tiled murals though, I will say that.






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