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Does count of anchor points affect printing process?

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  • Does count of anchor points affect printing process?

    I created a silhouette from a photo, so after tracing an image I had to use "Expand" command, so there would be paths and their lines used as cut lines for plotter. The only thing I am concerned about is, that after expanding it has so many anchor points. Does that affect printing process? I exported my file as pdf since it is requirement for printing company I am using. Will the printer/plotter will just follow that path lines (cut lines) and anchor points will be ignored during cut/print process? I am really not sure how advanced these printing machines are nowdays hehe))

    P.S. I need cut lines, because I'm about to produce some stickers/decals.

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    The answer is yes and no.
    The number of points doesn't necessarily affect the print process unless there are so many of them that the rip slows to a crawl. That can happen with grunge effects BTW...

    For a cut path the number of points definitely affects the cutting. As in too many will deadlock the cutting buffer and your knife just decides to do its own thing, or get halfway through and quit and go park itself. Each cutting software is different, but you want the minimum number of anchor points possible. When welding shapes for a solid outline, in your pathfinder tell it to remove redundant points under the options tiparrow.

    When creating cut lines for vinyl, you need bleed. DO NOT FORGET YOUR BLEED. Also, any borders or meeting color angles you may have may be uneven (as in usually will be uneven.) Printing is not an exact science. Vinyl ''stickers'' are subject to stretch and shrink variables depending on the heat of the dryer or the tension on the web.


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      I tried using path finder --- remove redundant points, but no points were removed at all, I guess I am doing something wrong? This is what my lines do look like right now:


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        That's your cut path?


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          Originally posted by chronicalsnow View Post
          I tried using path finder --- remove redundant points, but no points were removed at all, I guess I am doing something wrong?
          That's a setting; not a command. When it's enabled (checked), redundant anchor points left as a by-product of Pathfinder operations are removed as part of the operation. As you've seen, clicking it has no effect on a standing path. That's because it's just an enable/disable toggle.

          And, what you're showing there can't work as a "cut path" no matter how many points you might eliminate.

          I'd rather be killed than come to your party, but if you don't invite me, I'll kill myself.


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            Originally posted by PrintDriver View Post
            That's your cut path?
            it's not exactly my cut path, but these are just a points on my path. The print house requests me to create "cut line" by creating a new swatch, choose spot colour type and the colour of this "cut line" which is gonna be a reference for a cutter.


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              What is it exactly you are trying to do? Because that isn't a die-line. It's a cut path normally used for one-color vinyl. A die-line would just be the outer outline and you make one by selecting all of the parts, copying them, pasting them and then uniting them using the pathfinder (which is where that setting comes in that we were talking about earlier.) Once you have a solid outline (and you won't have one with this design), you bleed off outside the path, with the understanding that a tight cut will almost never register. That is why you see ''stickers'' with white borders on them.

              When you don't have a solid outline, you break out the trusty pen tool (or blob brush) and make one.


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                I'm sorry for sounding noobish, that's why I am here and trying to sort things out. Basically i want to create this type of sticker:
                so the actualy physical parts of sticker would consist of black colour.


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                  Then you aren't printing it.
                  That kind of vinyl is sign vinyl. It comes in about 300 colors, if you count all the different manufacturers together, and includes solids, metallics, prismatics, and some obnoxious sparkly stuff. The square foot cost to print and cut a custom color is always prohibitive in my book, but some people do it. I just find a stock color that works most times.
                  If you are doing black, specify matte or glossy. It comes both ways. So does white. Everything else is glossy.

                  Your example of your cut path looks like it will work fine. If your vendor doesn't know how to make his machine cut a complex piece with too many points, oh well...

                  ''Stickers'' is a layman's term BTW. It's just sign vinyl, or if printed it's called SAV (self-adhesive vinyl.)






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