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Need some help with business cards and brochures

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  • Need some help with business cards and brochures

    Hy there.

    I've done some logos before but never business cards and brochures or anything "print related".
    As for logos, I always supply clients with rgb and cmyk, never had any complaints about this.

    A client asked me if I could do a business card and brochure for him, since I did his logo.
    I have a couple of questions, so please if you have time...

    Creating complex artwork in illustrator with gradients,layer masks and transparency probably won't work (I've read somewhere that gradients and complex artwork won't print correctly).
    So rather than creating artwork layers (shapes and effects) in illustrator, should I export the artwork as high res (300dpi or more?) .jpg or .png , and then insert the image as background in illustrator?
    I have only a Illustrator subscription, no photoshop, so I'm kinda forced to work with Illustrator only.

    Second thing are images. So if I buy images from shutterstock or other sites (which are 300 dpi) and open them in illustrator (cmyk mode) does the image automatically convert to cmyk?
    And... he want's an editable pdf file, so he can change the text.
    So how can I make the text editable, so he can change it, create text fields or something similar?

    Thank you

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    All of the things you ask and they way you ask them tell me you are not ready to do this.
    Simply the statement ''provided RGB and CMYK '' logos also speaks volumes.

    1. creating complex artwork in Illustrator using gradients, layer masks, and transparency is what the program is built to do. How you use those things to get stuff to print correctly is part of the skill of being a designer. Color control, accuracy and reproducibility across media is part of the job of a designer. Using just CMYK in logos isn't necessarily going to give you that control and accuracy. I can print one CMYK logo on four different output devices, on 4 different media, and get 4 different looks to those CMYK values. Even if I'm printing on the same media, they will look different. There is no universally standard CMYK color lookup.
    RGB is pretty much useless in print except in two circumstance: your print provider requests linked images be supplied in their original Camera-RGB format for color gamut reasons, or you are using the one RGB print process that exists in the world (not likely for business cards and brochures.)

    2. you don't do multipage design in Illustrator, even though it does now support multipage layouts. InDesign is more appropriate. You might do front/back in Illustrator, for instance a two sided tri-fold. But not more than that.

    3. If you don't have photoshop, are you seriously asking whether or not you should export your Illustrator files as .jpg or .png and re-place them back into Illustrator? (all imagery should be placed and linked, NOT embedded.) The only time I ever see this done is with high-end illustration work with a lot of complex gradient meshes. Never for simple effects.

    4. the formats of .jpg and .png are NOT print formats. They are web formats.

    5. Images from stock sites are most often RGB or more annoyingly sRGB. You don't ''open them'' in Illustrator. You Place them. No they do not automatically convert to CMYK.

    6. What text does your client want to change? You can make a PDF Form that will allow that in a limited fashion. But you need Acrobat to do that.

    7. Having the tools to do a professional job is part of doing a professional job. For twice what you pay for your Illustrator subscription you could get the whole CC suite.

    Don't forget your bleeds and safeties!

    Last edited by PrintDriver; 11-25-2016, 09:23 AM.


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      thank you!
      I just rejected the client.
      imagine if something goes wrong, worst scenario - hundreds of wasted business cards...

      regarding adobe subscriptions, I already paid 3x the amount for illustrator. in europe you can buy only the business version from an adobe reseller.
      i had to pay around 600+ $ instead of 239 for a single app.


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        Editing a comment
        I have to confess that I don't know what anything in this post means.





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