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    Which Pdf-Export options do you use, PDF/X-1a:2001 or PDF/X-3:2002?
    The printers I already worked with all wanted a PDF/X-3:2002
    , but I am working with a new Printer and he wants PDF/X-1a:2001!
    What is the difference between the two?

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    The differences are long and technical.
    It doesn't really matter what the difference is as long as you get the printer what they want.
    You can read about the various standards here:


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      Most likely, the printer asks for X-1a to ensure transparency is flattened going in. Later standards preserve live transparency.

      Of course, if you don't incorporate any transparency into the design, it's a moot point.
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        X-3 I'm pretty sure requires a live profile, not necessarily something every designer will have. Some printers requesting this may supply job options.
        X-1 is fairly common here in the States. It's definitely one of the more foolproof ways of getting transparency and spot colors to play nice together. It prevents conflict dropouts and can get rid of the dreaded atomic box issue. Most times....
        I don't think live transparency is supported until X-4. Because of the Pantone/transparency stuff going on in Adobewares, keeping transparency live can be hazardous to your hair. It's getting better though. The lessening hazard,that is. Not so much the hair.


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          Ok, thank you for your comments. I have a lot of transparent objects in my design, so maybe this is the reason why he wants X1.






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