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Need help with outdoor billboard

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  • Need help with outdoor billboard


    It's my first outdoor billboard project and I need some help. I need to make a 15.05m x 8.80m (its about the 592.51in x 346.45in) outdoor billboard and I don't know how many PPI I should use? How big should be bleed for such big project. Hope you can help me

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    Welcome juliux

    You should call the print vendor producing the piece for the needed specs.

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      The only correct answer in every case like this is to ask the printer.

      In fact, as a matter of professional policy, your quotation and acceptance of the job should be contingent upon advance receipt of specifications you've confirmed are within your understanding and capabilities.
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        Your client should have specified who they are using as a billboard company because you will need to know the size of the billboard structure you will be putting the graphic on. They are NOT all the same size. A lot of these billboard companies have their own print service as well. You can't just call up any old large format printer and ask them to guess. Here in the US, they are, for the most part owned by one of about 4 communications companies that have a sort of monopoly on the system. You work within their system or you don't work at all.

        Definitely call the ''printer'' Or check the billboard company's online art submission guidelines. YOU MUST DO THIS because you need two very important dimensions.
        Get the bleed dimension (which will be many inches or cm)
        and get the SAFETY dimensions (which also could be many inches or cm)

        Do not send files out without knowing those two sets of dimensions.

        You also want to ask them what format they want their files. Most large format printers want native files, not PDFs, so if you lay this up in InDesign, be sure to outline your fonts and send all image links.

        Be sure to ask if they prefer Illustrator or Indesign. Some do have a preference.

        Word of warning, Illustrator can be very frustrating when working with large image files. Indesign would be the better choice, but always use what they tell you to use. If you didn't bill enough for the time to be watching the little spinning ball in Illustrator, let that be a lesson to you. Avoiding transparency effects makes Illustrator a little smoother to use at large sizes.

        As for ppi, as a general rule for billboards, you build your file at 1:10 @ 300ppi so the output will be 30ppi at size. Some billboard printers will ask for less so do not be surprised if you see numbers in the 20-25ppi range. Remember, this is at 100ft at 60mph for about 4-6 seconds average.
        If using Illustrator, check that your Effects>Document Raster Effects setting is set properly for scaling.
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          I'm only going to echo what others have said already.

          Talk to your printer!

          It could save you many dollars, headaches and hair follicles.






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