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Problem with black color when making a pdf from InDesign

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  • Problem with black color when making a pdf from InDesign

    I have a problem with black color. In my document in InDesign the copy is in CMYK (0,0,0,100). Full key-color and nothing else. Looks fine.
    But when I send the pdf to our printer they say that the copy is in CMYK ( 76,67,62, 85) I have no idea why this happend. I double-checked the color in my document
    and made a new pdf (profil: converting all colors in my document to Coated FoGRA 39. Same profile that I allways use and nothing has happend before.
    Hoping that someone on this forum might be able to spot the problem for me.


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    Hi Mia and welcome to GDF.

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      Hi MiaOlsson, This is the way I would set up the file…

      In InDesignSet your black in the colour palette the way you want it (0/0/0/100) and then try this:

      File > Adobe PDF Presets >PDF/X-1a:2001

      Leave all pre-sets as is but add crops and bleeds if pertinent. Hit "Export" and then check the file in Acrobat to see that it is separating out properly and your black is showing as 100% black. I hope that helps.


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        Mia, based solely on your description, I can't think of any reason why the 100%k would convert into something more akin to CMYK separations made from an RGB file. Try opening up the PDF in Illustrator to see if the color percentages actually have shifted. That won't tell you what's wrong, but if the color stays the same in Illustrator as it was in the InDesign file you'll know there was nothing wrong with the PDF. If the color percentages have reconfigured themselves, my best guess is that you're inadvertently doing something wrong and converting it to RGB at some point in the process.


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          Ah, that hit on the one possibility I can think of.
          Black text interacting with transparency and flattened improperly.
          Sometimes too, all it takes is one pantone color on the page to mess with transparency settings.


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            Originally posted by PrintDriver View Post
            Black text interacting with transparency and flattened improperly.
            Right...with the Transparency Blend Space set to RGB.

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              I don't think it even has to be set to RGB. If the black gets flattened into a CMYK transparency effect, it will most likely convert to a 4-color black.
              Depends on what the transparency interaction is and sometimes the stacking order. Multiply comes to mind as the one that gives me the most difficulties. I especially like Multiply applied to the same Pantone color at different opacities. Hair raising.






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