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Setting up clothing templates for sublimated printing

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  • Setting up clothing templates for sublimated printing


    I'm a graphic designer with a couple years experience with some large format printing and I've recently started working for a clothing company. Some of our higher end items are dye-sublimated workout clothes. Designing and setting up the templates is an extremely time consuming process for my company, as we're still very small. A big portion of my job involves coming up with the design mockups, laying them out in actual print files for each size (small, medium, large, etc), and then laying out the print file that contains enough of each size for each order.

    My boss spoke with a representative from another company that does this very small time, and they mentioned having software that takes the design, creates a 3D mockup of it, and will lay out the files for each size. I realize this is a very involved question, but I was wondering if anyone might be able to point me in the direction of software that could achieve something like this?

    Thank you very much for any help you can provide!

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      Is it accurate to say that you need culminate financially savvy limited time Garment Printing pieces of clothing? At that point Dye Subliminal is the ideal choice for you. In this strategy, the color is warmed until it changes into a gas. It then diffuses into the strands of the material themselves, and cements, implanting the print picture into the texture.


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        Hey Anni deo...
        I replied to this comment but didn't mention any link but don't know how this link got place on my reply and link is wth.....????


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        Originally posted by Dubular View Post
        ...and they mentioned having software...
        Seems to me you'll have a much better chance of getting the name of the software from them^ than you will here.
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          But I did't Mentioned It..






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