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  • Create direct color in photoshop

    i have problem, i need change a part of the picture in the CMYK on the direct color. This a part of the picture isn't 100% flat color, but is raster.
    I created a fifth channel and configure it as direct. But when you enter CMYK values for spot color on the print machine values unchanged.
    I think that covers the CMYK spot color, and therefore not visible.

    But I do not know what to do.

    Thank you for the advice.


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    Hi Ondra and welcome to GDF.

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      I'm not sure if I fully understand as there may be a language barrier, however ...

      Working with Spot Channels in Photoshop can be a lot of work. This video might help. Most likely you may need to delete that area that you've created a spot channel for out of one or more of your other standard Cyan, Magenta, Yellow or Black channels ... otherwise the spot color you defined will simply overprint the existing CMYK values in that area.

      Poke around on Spot Channel tutorial videos for Photoshop. There are quite a few that might address the issue you're having.
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        I know my english is not perfect. I study every day .) Sorry.
        Thank you for your video, but i think that this is not what i looking for.
        I have four channels with CMYK and one with a channel Panotne (102). Channels with CMYK are locked - not posible write and change position. When i make duplicate channel (Yellow copy), and i delete what i duplicate (Yellow) - change color at the whole picture.
        Maybe i must give on the yellow channel mask. I am looking on a manuál for the Photoshop.
        Maybe my approach is wrong. I dont know.
        I give picture here, it is better.

        Very thanks.
        Click image for larger version

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          Working with spot colors in layered Photoshop images is something I never do, but maybe I understand your problem.

          You can't change the channel order, and to prevent your spot color from mixing with other channels, you must manually "knock out" the spot color area in all the CMYK channels.

          So, with a similar image:

          1. Make a new Spot Channel:

          2. Click the Color swatch.

          3. Choose Color Libraries

          4. In a Pantone Solid library, type 102 to load the yellow you want...

          5. With the new Spot Channel created, go back to the Composite Channel and use the selection tools to select the area(s) where your spot color will go. I just did a quick selection of the yellow label with the Magic Wand here.

          6. Tap the delete key. This deletes (knocks out) all color from the CMYK channels.

          7. With the selection still active, click the Pantone 102 Channel to target it, and choose Edit > Fill > Foreground Color to fill the selection with Black. This is now your Pantone 102 ink; solid on the Spot Channel, and knocked out on all the others.

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            With the image saved as PDF and opened in Acrobat, the spot color separates correctly.

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              Hi, yes this is what i mean.
              My problem was that i thoutht that the CMYK channels are loceked and can not write to them. I don't know why I thought

              Thank you very much!






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