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Manufacturing factors for when designing a product box?

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  • Manufacturing factors for when designing a product box?

    What must a package designer know about the box manufacturing process in order to determine the details fo his/her box design?

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    That's really kind of like asking what must a carpenter need to know about how to build a house in order to build a house.
    There are all kinds of box design, printing and finishing methods out there. You learn mostly by doing these days. Whenever doing anything new, call the output vendor before you begin designing.

    If you don't know what to design, or how to manufacture what you want to design...that could be a problem. Do you subscribe to any trade mags like Brand Packaging or Packaging World (to name two of many?)


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      It's not something you can just dive into easily. You need to be able to visualize how the box panels will fold, what orientation each panel should be, where you need bleed, etc. If it's a commonly used size of package, the printer should be able to supply a template or die line. Get as much info from the printer as possible. See if you can visit the printer to see how the packages are printed and constructed.
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