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  • 100% cotton t-shirt printing INK HELP

    I have quite recently purchased a warmth press and ricoh printer. It came a set for sublimation printing and accompanied sublimation paper, so I then purchased sublimation ink. - as a matter of fact I had no clue what sublimation was the point at which I bought it.

    I discovered that sublimation ink is not usable in imprinting on 100% Custom T shirts and I ought to utilize color ink.

    In any case, I understand now that I clearly can't utilize the sublimation paper to print out the plans.

    I have looked into warmth exchange paper. Is this paper appropriate for shirt imprinting on 100% cotton? Also, is utilizing shade ink appropriate for this too?
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    This makes absolutely no sense.
    And I do custom dye sub all day long.
    What is ''shade ink''?
    What is ''warmth exchange paper''?
    What is a ''warmth press''?
    Which Ricoh printer?
    Did you do any research into this before actually making your purchase?


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      Originally posted by Sophia Alice View Post
      I have quite recently purchased a warmth press...

      I have looked into warmth exchange paper.
      Are you referring to inkjet heat transfer printers and paper?


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        This is a low end Ricoh printer that prints to sublimation paper.
        A quick check on the intertoobs told me that the inks used on this paper in this machine only print to polyester, or ''sublimation-ready'' fabrics (high polyester content.)

        While there might be an inkset substitute, I'm not seeing anything saying this machine is anywhere remotely suitable for printing to cotton.

        All of the sublimation work I do is on polyester of one kind or another. That is why I asked the OP if they had researched this before purchase. I have one vendor out in CA sublimating to cotton, but his high-production process does not translate to a desktop inkjet printer.






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