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UV Led printer lentocular effect

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  • UV Led printer lentocular effect

    Hi guys, i have a new UV LED printer ( the previous one was a small epson R1800 based chinese printer ) and i'm very happy with it.
    I have a Eagle UV 70 ( ) with white and glossy ink, i use it for any kind of works like printing logos on pens, print on golf balls, PVC panels, glass, phone covers etc without problems, but there is a particoular application that i can't get.
    Despite all my attemps i have not yet being able to do a good lenticular effect, i think the problem come from the design and not the printers since the varnish on other prints has always delivered excellent quailty. Do you guys know how to make a lenticular design?

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      couple of things about uv printing lenticular
      1. the inks have to stay stuck to the plastic surface of the lens. Check your dyne values as not all lens is created equal.
      2. are you using 60LPI lens material? Courser? Finer? What you can use depends on the resolution abilities of your UV machine and how well the machine tracks. Most lenticular done on UV printers are done on flatbed gantry machines where everything is gear driven, not belted or vacuum belt units. You need to get the alignment absolutely correct for the pitch of your lens (and have the image interlacing software too.) Any slippage at all will blow the print. None of my local print vendors mess with it anymore. The demand didn't justify the cost. Anyone over the age of 40 immediately sees that stuff and thinks ''Cracker Jack Toy!!!''
      If I need to order it, I get it from the pros out in California. The 3D effect is still pretty popular. The motion flip, not so much.






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